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 -  Freeware
Latest Version: 3.2.6827 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
User Rating:
Old Versions: 3.2.6760

If you’re interested in finding a software aimed toward managing broad audio collections, user friendly with a thorough feature collection – MusicBee is the application.

MusicBee Features:

Play your music the method which you would like. Manage large audio genres and readily find exactly what you would like to listen.

Easily add meta data to a music with quite a few tools that are powerful.

Utilize your Internet connection to discover useful info regarding your music collection along with the now playing song.

Create an ideal party play list then turn your computer into an audio jukebox.
Add songs from the CD set to a own library and then sychronise together with your apparatus.

Create your very own distinct look and texture and add more features .

Advanced Level Audio Tools
Have the most from the speakers together with tools for anyone that sound-quality things.

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Beautiful Skins

Change the appearance of MusicBee by choosing from the included skins or download more from our Add-on section. Skins are a great way to personalize MusicBee to your liking. You can also make your own skin and share it with others.

  • Beautiful Skins

Sync with Devices

Sync your music collection with devices you use. MusicBee supports playlist and podcast syncing, even supports audio books with 2 way syncing. Convert formats on the fly if your device does not support certain formats. You can also sync your Android and Windows Phone (8.1+) devices.

  • Sync with Devices, CD Ripping, Tagging tools.... plus more!

MusicBee packs a comprehensive set of features to make your music experience better. Yet it is one of the most lightweight player using about 25-70 MB ram* with skins and add-ons, and packs all of these under 10 MB!

  •, CD Ripping, Tagging tools.... plus more!

The Best.... rated by reviewers and users

MusicBee is rated one of the best music managers and players available for Windows. It packs features that will WOW you. We have a dedicated thread for users to share their experience or check reviews from trusted sources. Start using MusicBee today. You will never go back.

  • The Best.... rated by reviewers and users

What's new in this version:

Simple, Powerful, and Fast
- Play your music the way you want. Turn your computer into a music jukebox. Use auto-tagging to clean up your messy music library. Enjoy a great music experience with MusicBee.

  • 3.2.6760

    Fix to address changes made by MusicBrainz that stopped the Auto-Tag and also artwork retreival from


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