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Latest Version: 4.0.108 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Old Versions: 4.0.108

YoWindow is a utility that reports weather in the user’s region as an animated image without using any text information. There are a lot of such applications, but the feature of the program is that it tells not only the temperature and other meteorological parameters, but also simulates weather conditions, as if the user is looking through the window.
For example, if it is now cloudy on the street, animated images will be replaced by moving clouds, and if the weather is windy, then the trees and plants on the animation will swing, as if from gusts of wind. IF you download our last version, it will be possible to observe not only the change of weather conditions, but also the movement of the sun on the screen or the moon at night.
The program in addition to the image, displays information about temperature, pressure, cloud level, strength and direction of air currents, humidity and current date. There are versions of this application for both the Windows system and Android, so you can download YoWindow not only for a computer, but for a tablet or phone. The utility is available for Windows, starting from the version of XP and ending with 10. After downloading and installing the application, you must select your city. It is possible to note even the smallest city due to the fact that the database of the application contains information on a variety of localities.
The program has flexible settings, it can be started together with the OS, allows you to choose the number of days for the forecast, change the units of measurement and the background image, and most importantly, that you can specify any place on the map to get the forecast weather. It is noteworthy that on the system panel there is an icon with the current temperature, which always tells when you need to dress warmly.
In YoWindow, developers decided not to use video inserts, but to apply image rendering, which created a more attractive and lively landscape for the user. To view the weather for a few hours forward or backward, it’s enough to hold the mouse to the right or left, the image will immediately change, as well as the temperature and other indicators. The YoWindow weather can also be downloaded if the user is interested in a long-term forecast, the information about weather conditions is available in the application for ten days in advance.

Download YoWindow for Windows


What's new in this version:

- automatic update of weather data;

- flexible display settings;

- support for a wide range of weather conditions;

- great quality of pictures and animations;

- a wide choice of countries and cities;

- visualization of weather outside the window.

  • 4.0.108


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