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Latest Version: 3.0 LATEST
Requirements: Android 4.4 and up
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An android program that’s used to create a person more quicker in conversing on social networking, you don’t have to type text today, Simply talk and send the message, In either of Hindi or English, this admits digits also, especially this program is for whats program messenger. The spoken text is immediately could be typed with this with no error. This program is used for active individuals in addition to for student who squander longer in registering messages. So much better to use this program to send information on whats program.
This program gives you convert a voice into text message and it’s quite valuable for blind or visually impaired folks. Since the men and women who can not view they could sent the message to each of the individual. And obviously a standard person can also send message to a different program that are currently present on your phone especially for whatsapp.
This program is also called voice-text compose sms by voice messenger messenger voice into text address texter audio messenger voice sms talkBox message from voice .

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What's new in this version:

- Voice to Text message service for Whats app messenger.

- Faster chat than others

- Easy way to chat

- Interesting chatting messenger

- Voice chat in textual format

- new and latest messenger


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