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Latest Version: 61.1.3163.24 LATEST
Requirements: Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64
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Old Versions: 61.1.3163.24

UR Browser enables you to customize your own browser, browse the web safely and enjoy a lot of amazing benefits! Down load UR Browser, a speedy and absolutely free webbrowser which communicates consumer privacy. 100 percent with a integral VPN and advertising blocker. Protect your privacy and data with all UR.
Your downloaded files have been automatically scanned for malware and viruses.
You are instantly alerted to suspicious websites
Internet sites suspected of malware, malware or bogus news will automatically activate a warning before you enter the website.

No other details
“We have doubled the security”
Even the RSA key size was awakened to a 2048 pieces. That is particularly critical for websites where you move for secure info, in addition to for if you utilize realtime discussions, such as videochats.

Internet Sites Have to be protected
UR requires internet sites to utilize HTTPS where potential. It frees all communication between your website and browser, hence protecting your computer data at an exceptional level.
Each 3rd party cookies are obstructed
Produce an encrypted system between your computer system along with those sites that you accessibility to help keep your paths on the web completely anonymous.
Higher Level Private Browsing
More than your ordinary private style: surf the web together with tabs alongside to Personal Browsing tabs, all at precisely the exact same window. Internet sites that you see regularly in Personal Browsing might be included with a whitelist in order the next time you input their speech, your own tab will automatically hit as a Personal tab.

Nothing has been reported again to Google
Google’s opensource code, Chromium, has builtin observation for almost any browser which uses this particular code. Even though UR is constructed with Chromium, some other feature that accounts back again to Google was disabled.

“We are Produced in Europe”
UR relies from europe, where user solitude is highly secure when compared with other nations, especially the United States. This increases major privacy concerns, because most large tech organizations are American.

Nobody’s considering your hunts
Qwant has a different search engine that doesn’t collect or share all of your private info. UR sets Qwant whilst the default search engine, however you’re free to customize your internet search engine at the settings.

Download UR Browser for Windows


What's new in this version:

- Websites load faster without the ads, trackers and cookies that can weigh pages down.

- Protect your privacy with a powerful suite of tools that give you control over who sees your data online.

- Browse safer with alerts for dangerous websites, automatic HTTPS redirect and a built-in virus scanner.

  • 61.1.3163.24


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