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UltraVNC is a good application for managing a remote computer. There are two types of connecting to a remote computer using the Internet or your local network. For controling a remote PC, you should use the mouse and keyboard. For establishing connection, you do not need to make any complicated actions on the computer, you just enter login and password. Application contains a Java Viewer module, which helps you to access your PC using a simple browser that supports Java. And the most interesting thing is that all functions of the program available completely free of charge and without any restrictions.
Using the repeater utility, you can configure access to servers on the local network behind the NAT router, and only one port needs to be thrown through the router. It can also be used for presentations.
UltraVNC is one of the most successful open implementations of the VNC protocol. Although it can not be compared to NetOp by its functional saturation, it solves the problem of providing access to a remote computer. The program allows you to use Windows authentication or your own. Own authentication is implemented by one password that provides full access.
The program has the ability to encrypt content using the plug-in MSRC4Plugin.dsm. However, the possibility of using it is only when UltraVNC also works on the other hand. You can not automatically configure the encryption either – you must first copy the MSRC4Plugin.dsm file from the plugin sub directory to the main directory, then generate the key in the new_rc4.key file, rename it to rc4.key, and then you can use it.
When you install UltraVNC, it is possible to install both a VNC server and a VNC client. If you don’t need remote access on your computer, you purpose of not installing the VNC server. When installing the VNC-server it should have the rights of the administrator. The RFB protocol, which uses VNC, usually means the use of ports 5900-5906. Therefore, to configure a VNC connection, you need to configure the firewall, otherwise it will “cut” the connection.
The program has the ability to work in stealth mode and even the ability to prohibit the user from closing the WinVNC process (for a user who is not an administrator of the remote computer), which makes it an ideal tool for viewing in the view-only mode.

Download Ultra VNC for Windows


What's new in this version:

- Setting up access to another PC;

- Use the built-in chat support in the application;

- Configuring the server connection component;

- Ability to work in full-screen / window modes;

- The connection is made both through the Internet network and through the local network;

As long as you work in a Windows environment, the best option for remote system management is Ultra VNC.



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