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Latest Version: 1.023 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP x64 / Vista x64 / Windows 7 x64 / Windows 8 x64 / Windows 10 x64
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Old Versions: 1.023

TweakPower – is a single graphical interface that combines a whole package of advanced tools for optimization, cleaning and setting up a computer running in a Windows environment.
Effective tools for diagnosing and detecting errors in the operating system will help to identify not only security holes, and free up space on the disks.
This product is distributed for free with no restrictions, does not have integrated advertising models and malicious code. The interface of the program currently supports only two languages, namely English and German, but this does not entitle the value and power of the tools. Management does not cause any questions from experienced users, and less experienced users will be able to easily understand the principles of management. For the inexperienced, TweakPower has a one-click optimization and cleaning function.
After starting the application, the main window displays a lot of information, each of the information items is active. The user will be able to get the expanded information after clicking on the item of his interest. You can also see the PC operating mode, the performance evaluation to set the operating mode, and also get the basic information of the system security parameters.
To clean the operating system, the program peeks into the registry and completely analyzes it. Nothing more than guaranteed is not removed. Because the software is working on erroneous records, empty keys, over browser programs that are crammed. After all the unnecessary is cleared, the next procedure begins – optimizing the system for faster PC operation.
The 1 Click Optimize cleaning function will allow you to quickly analyze the registry for incorrect entries or blank keys, clear the browser, clean the system and finally search for plugins-Plugin-Cleaner. The second stage starts the actual optimization.

Main tools or functions:
• Cleaning of debris, traces of visiting web pages, registry.
• Manage the autorun application.
• Manage the start of tasks.
• Uninstaller.
• Identify and fix errors on disks.
• Detection of typical Windows errors.
• Customize modes, shell system style, connections, change system tinctures, display, print and much more.
• Configure security settings.
• Backup and recovery points recovery.
• Turbo mode, which allows you to disable more than 70 background processes.
• The function of irrevocably deleting data from disks.
• Splitter files.
• Defragmenter.
• Built-in task manager.

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What's new in this version:

- Added Arabic Language translated by MFM

- Optimized Cleaning

- Bug fixes

- Improved performance

- 100% Spyware FREE - This software does NOT contain any Spyware, Adware or Viruses.

  • 1.023


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