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Tux Paint is a free graphic editor that allows small users to take the first steps in the visual arts. The developers guessed to combine two things, which are interested in almost all modern children – computers and creativity. After all, what can be more exciting than making all the colors and shades of the rainbow on a computer accompanied by cheerful music?
The program Tux Paint is made specially for children from 3 to 12 years. The developers thought that the little ones will not be able to cope with all kinds of complicated Photoshop and SAI, and they decided to make something colorful, understandable and with prompts. First application was written under Linux, it has the same penguin symbol. But after some time it was transferred to other platforms – Windows, BeOS, Mac OS X – but the bird did not change.
The interface of the program is designed in a child-friendly style. The left-hand toolbar visually displays each of the functions, on the right settings, and at the edge – the color palette. In addition to standard brushes, lines and shapes, the editor offers a set of so-called “Stamps” – blanks in the form of plants, animals and different characters, the sizes of which can be adjusted. Of course, there are also effects – they are called “Magic”. There are also ready-made objects, such as grass, flowers, bricks.
Children are given a white canvas and a lot of drawing tools that will help develop their creativity. Canvas is always the same size, which does not burden children with unnecessary worries. Saving and loading images is done by using small copies of images, so the child does not need to know the finer points of the file system, child do not even need names for files.
Even three years child can easily master with its simple and intuitive interface with large buttons that are signed and marked with pictograms, so that the child can easily distinguish them. Amusing sound effects are played during the use of all instruments. At the bottom of the window is the “Linux” penguin, which gives clues.
How it works:
if you decided to download Tux Paint for Windows to develop the creative skills of the kids, you will need a full-screen mode. Selecting the work in this mode and activating the function of capturing the mouse cursor, you prevent accidental opening of the child by third-party programs and files. In other words, the screen will turn into a canvas on which the small artist will not have frames. If you want, you can turn off the sound effects, as well as the “Print” and “Exit” buttons. The developers also provided the opportunity for changing the folder in which the drawings will be saved.

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