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Latest Version: 1.1.085 LATEST
Requirements: Android 4.3 and up
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QuizzLand is your entertainment trivia game in which you get infinite questions which can not be found anyplace else.
Only your mind and also our quizzes.
Earn coins for proper answers and invest them on tips for your hardest questions.
Join the team of players and gather achievements of all types.

QuizzLand is:
-free trivia game to Check your IQ and overall knowledge
-source of invaluable and little-known Details
-amusing questions for many types of interest
-wonderful learning experience if you understand the answers or maybe not
-comprehensive explanation for each query
QuizzLand makes learning simple and enjoyable!

The Way to play
-assess your knowledge: response queries, read descriptions for proper responses and compete with others.
-you receive points for every question answered correctly. Moreover, each incorrect answer takes you of your own lives. Your lives have been displayed in the upper left corner of this display.
-if you keep on playing after locating the exit, you’ll receive more points for every question answered correctly.

-all queries are filtered by issue.
-you receive more points for hard questions.

Coins and lifestyles:
Gems are the in-game money utilized in QuizzLand. Use coins to purchase own lives, tips and other helpful choices.
-if you desire a bigger volume of coins, then you are able to make this type of buy in QuizzLand Store. To start the Shop, tap the cart icon at the upper right corner of this display.
-earn jewels without purchasing them: accumulate you daily coin incentive, watch indicated videos or purchase coins by enjoying mini-games within the maze.
-you get coins after the level is finished. In cases like this, the amount of coins is dependent upon how many questions you answered correctly.
-your own lives refill in a few moments but you might also make them quicker for coins. You might even get lives should you see a video that is suggested.

Query hints:
“Dual Chance” – trigger the tip, then pick the solution. When it’s wrong, then you will have the ability to attempt and respond again.
“Fifty Fifty” – remove two wrong answers in a query.
“Majority Vote” – determine what response choice nearly all players have selected.
“Jump Query” – trigger the tip to bypass a question and answer a different rather.

Map hints:
“Prove Exit” may be utilized to get the exit from the maze.
“Flip Tile” lets you reverse any of those unopened questions.
“Open Map” will reverse all of the tiles at the maze simultaneously.

Mini memory card games:
-play with bonus memory card games and earn additional points. These brain games have been made to train your focus, memory and attention abilities.
-you are able to complete a memory game when you prefer, but in the event that you do it until the time is outside, your benefit will be smaller.

Download Trivia only for Android

What's new in this version:

- data usage optimization

- game optimization

- new questions added


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