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Latest Version: 8.0 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP x64 / Vista x64 / Windows 7 x64 / Windows 8 x64 / Windows 10 x64
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Old Versions: 7.5.6

Tor is an excellent free browser for safe and anonymous networking. Tor is both a browser and a network, on the basis of which it works. The full name of the program is The Onion Router. This network was named Bulbous, because it involves several layers of encryption, protecting the online privacy of users, as several layers in the bulb envelops the core. The main task of Tor Browser is to hide traces of the user on the Internet. Due to this, you can work in the network completely anonymously. Tor is a cross-platform application and supports all known operating systems Mac OS, Windows, Linux or even for mobile devices.
Tor Browser is not a VPN service or a browser with a built-in VPN module, as many people believe. You can use both the Thor browser and the VPN at the same time to protect yourself even better. But these are two very different technologies, even if both of them aimed to increase confidentiality.
The Thor browser was created by order of the US Navy, the task was to protect the negotiations during reconnaissance operations. Now Tor is a non-profit organization engaged in research and creating tools for privacy and anonymity on the Internet. The program, look likes Mozilla Firefox but with an emphasis on keeping everything confidential. The program is free, open-source, allows you to achieve online privacy and avoid online restrictions.

Unlike another browsers Tor Browser:
* provides “invisibility” of the user, hides IP-address;
* it can bypass online restrictions, shows blocked sites and pages;
* do not contain embedded spy on users;
* do not make material benefits from user data;
* recommended and supported by many very well-known experts in the field of security;
The Tor network has thousands of servers round the world run by volunteers. Whenever you make connection in the app, the network selects three Tor relays and through them it connects to the Internet. Each section of the path is encrypted so that the repeaters do not know the full path of data from the sender to the receiver.
Because browser hides the session between user and the web sites, it allows you to surf anonymously through the network without the risk of online spying. The program is also useful for getting round online filters: you can watch websites that are inaccessible due to locks, and publish their information on such resources.
Today it is more and more difficult to keep confidentiality, anonymity and privacy online. The government, hackers and even our beloved Google come up with increasingly sophisticated ways of tracking user data. The Tor network, even taking into account its shortcomings, is an excellent participation in the work during the web.

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What's new in this version:

All platforms
- - Update Firefox to 60.2.0esr - Update Tor to - Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2p - Update Libevent to 2.1.8 - Update Torbutton to 2.0.6 - Update HTTPS Everywhere to 2018.8.22 - Update NoScript to - Update obfs4proxy to v0.0.7 (bug 25356) - Enable a limited UITour for user onboarding - New user onboarding - New feature onboarding - The onboarding bubble is not always displayed - Fix first-party isolation for UI tour - Update about:tbupdate to new (about:tor) layout - Enable TLS session identifiers with first-party isolation - Prevent speculative connects that violate first-party isolation - Make canvas permission prompt respect first-party isolation - Use en-US strings in HTML forms if locale is spoofed to english - HTTP .onion sites inherit previous page's certificate information - .onion images are not displayed - Move 'New Identity', 'New Circuit' to File, hamburger menus - Backport Mozilla's bug 1473247 - Backport Mozilla's bug 1470156 - Clean up toolbar for ESR60-based Tor Browser - Avoid Firefox icons in ESR60 - Load our preferences that modify extensions (fixup) - Update Tor Browser blog post URLs - Fix broken MAR file generation - Remove spoofed locale implementation - Rebase Tor Browser patches for ESR60 - Show security state of .onions - Load our preferences that modify extensions - Isolate HPKP and HSTS to URL bar domain - Spoof en-US for date picker - Disable WebVR for now until it is properly audited - Disable wasm for now until it is properly audited - Disable Web Authentication API until it is properly audited - Enable Reader View mode again - Don't expose navigator.mozAddonManager to websites - Update about:tbupdate handling for e10s - Fix potentially confusing "restart to update" message - Purge startup cache if Tor Browser version changed - Reduce delay for showing update prompt to 1 hour - Add potential AltSvc support - Fix broken hardware acceleration on Windows and enable it - Add new MAR signing keys - Revert bug 18619 (we are not disabling IndexedDB any longer) - Rip out optimistic data socks handshake variant (#3875) - Hide Firefox Sync - Disable updater telemetry - Make sure Torbutton and Tor Launcher are not treated as legacy extensions - Disable randomised Firefox HTTP cache decay user tests - Firefox downgrades VP9 videos to VP8 for some users - Include git hash in tor --version - Preferences clean-up - Migrate general.useragent.locale to intl.locale.requested - Make Tor Browser available in ca, ga, id, is, nb, da, he, sv, and zh-TW - Include Hebrew translation into Tor Browser - Add danish (da) translation

Update Tor Launcher to
- - Moat integration (fetch bridges for the user) - Update Tor Launcher to make it compatible with Firefox 60 ESR - Help button icons missing - Improve the proxy help text - Remove sv-SE from tracking for releases - Add locales ca, ga, id, is, nb, da, he, sv, and zh-TW - Translations update

Update meek to 0.31:
- - Make meek extension compatible with ESR 60

Enable HTTP2 and AltSvc:
- - Tor Browser stalls while loading Facebook login page

- All Platforms: - Use old MAR format for first ESR60-based stable - RBM build fails with runc version 1.0.1 - Use GitHub repository for STIX - Add --verbose to the ./mach build flag for firefox - Don't package up Tor Browser in the `mach package` step - Add support for xz compression in mar files - Clean up

  • 7.5.6

    - Update Firefox to 52.9.0esr - Update Tor to - Update Tor Launcher to - Bug 20890: Increase control port connection timeout - Update HTTPS Everywhere to 2018.6.21 - Bug 26451: Prevent HTTPS Everywhere from freezing the browser - Update NoScript to - Bug 21537: Mark .onion cookies as secure - Bug 25938: Backport fix for cross-origin header leak (bug 1334776) - Bug 25721: Backport patches from Mozilla's bug 1448771 - Bug 25147+25458: Sanitize HTML fragments for chrome documents - Bug 26221: Backport fix for leak in SHA256 in nsHttpConnectionInfo.cpp - Bug 26424: Disable UNC paths to prevent possible proxy bypasses


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