Tinker Island - Pixel Art Survival Adventure Tinker Island – Pixel Art Survival Adventure

Latest Version: 1.4.41 LATEST
Requirements: Android 4.2 and up
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Take them in an ADVENTURE of a life – construct a foundation, investigate puzzles or forage treasures. Discover the art of crafting, studying and interrogate however bear in mind, there’s never an idle time at the lives of the survivors.
FIGHT barbarous enemies, tame savage beasts, kindle love and resolve RIDDLES. After the island SPEAKS for you, are you going to reply?

• Lead a group of island predators with easy swipes
• Pick your own experience and attempt to live
• Investigate a massive lush world
• Experience a speaking island
• Fight many risks that lurk behind each bush
• Forage tools to survive
• Construct a foundation and update structures
• Match, pile and gather flowers in a trendy miniature game
• Craft firearms and weapons
• Uncover the dreadful secret of Tinker Island

Three survivors find themselves lost, not by decision, on what’s thought to be a tropical island. As they begin exploring and finding Tinker Island, they find artifacts that are great, forage tools, build buildings and things they have to collect, craft, assemble or harvest to safeguard themselves against the unknown surroundings and the harmful episodes anticipating them. A normal man, a tourist onboard a boat, is made to turn into a forager, a fighter, a real hero in this miniature world adventure sport. Find mysterious historical temples and villages, left by wayward lands or scum, find an unknown culture, find steampunk contraptions, coated with rust and nearly unidentifiable. Not merely is there no wifi in the caves around the islands, but the entire issue is nowifi.
If things do not stick out, retry. Then retry again. 1 hour, 1 lifetime, yolo. There’s tons of humor and humor in the story, where you need to make the right decisions to advance through the narrative. Collect the needed resources to update your own buildings and unlock new locations and perhaps even fresh islands. Some are abandoned islands, a few are tiny islands with mysterious pasts, you might even encounter a Kraken. Perhaps construct a colony, an entire culture at the rim of earth, but first and foremost, live and finish the quests.
If you love adventure games, survival games as well as board games, then this is certainly a game worth giving a try. It is a true treasure.

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What's new in this version:

- You come across some old castle ruins, protected by an old witch. Can you solve all the witch's riddles to save the Princess from the curse?


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