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Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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On the Internet recently appeared quite a few games in the genre of strategy. Almost all of them are browser-based and step-by-step. Stronghold Kingdoms is a full-fledged RTS, that is, a real-time strategy. The name of this game has been known to strategy lovers long time ago. Stronghold Kingdoms – is the third part of the famous series, which is different in that it is designed for playing on the network, but not only that. Unlike the previous parts, you will fight not against the computer, but against real players.
Stronghold Kingdom – online game based on the popular universe Stronghold. The gameplay of the feudal strategy is quite predictable – the players have to develop their settlements, trade with their neighbors and of course fight. Only the wisest rulers could be called a King. As with the Stronghold series, the new game will be an exciting project with a bit of “hasty” gameplay.
Players will have to build their empire, extract resources, engage in research and farming to support their kingdom, trade and expand their influence in the world, building up the military-industrial complex and multiplying the army. There are one difference- it’s an MMO strategy, and it means that you have to compete with thousands of other opponents for the title of “King” or “Queen”. Community activity is fueled by the presence of several irreconcilable factions in Stronghold Kingdoms and the presence in the game of real elections to determine the political elite of the country or kingdom.

Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7, 8 or 10 (Updates recommended)
1024×768+ Screen Resolution
Processor: 1GHz or faster
512Mb RAM Windows XP
(1GB+ for Windows Vista/7/8)
DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card
150 Mb of Hard Drive Space

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Build and expand

Construct great castles to last the test of time. Layout your castle carefully to withstand even the greatest of armies.

  • Build and expand

Run the village

Site your buildings carefully for maximum efficiency. Watch the village come to life and grow over days and weeks.

  • Run the village

Join 1000's of Lords

In a unique medieval world An interactive map helps you trade, scout, explore...

  • Join 1000's of Lords

Arise Sir Knight!

Sweep majestically through the ranks on your way to power Become the Steward, or sheriff, or King!

  • Arise Sir Knight!

Hatch a plan

Choose how and when to play vital strategy cards. Research new technologies to gain a vital edge.

  • Hatch a plan

What's new in this version:

- Units:
- Compared with of Stronghold, there are only 5 units - archers, peasants and pikemen, swordsmen, captains. From siege engines there are only catapults. All units in the battle are controlled by artificial intelligence, but the developers have added various tactics that can change the movement or other moments in the battle. Movement of units on the global map is shown conditionally, but the alignment of troops in the castle happens instantly. The movement speed of units in the battle is the same.

- Buildings
- One of the features of the game was the lack of production chains, typical for the previous games of the Stronghold series. This affected to appearance of buildings. Some buildings from the first part of the game are missing. Just added a few new buildings, both peaceful and military. All buildings take a certain time for building, not instantly as in other games of that series. The productivity of buildings depends on the distance from the warehouses and researches. The price and time of building construction depends on the number of buildings on the map, as well as on some studies that reduce the cost and time of construction. The price of defensive structures does not change.

- Research
- One of the important innovations of the game is that allows you to improve some game parameters (speed of building construction, force of units), and also to open a new types of buildings and units. Studies are carried out from research points, which are issued when you receipt a new level or purchase for gold.

- Vassalage
- The game introduces a vassal. This allows individual players to receive support from stronger allies. The lord can enter his troops into the castle of the vassal, and attack from there. In this case, the vassal receives honor from the seignior.


    Display attack type in attack overview (The attack icon is in attacks screen) - Presets Viewer added preview mode - New coloured village markers - Adds extra four icons into the Diplomacy screen (Green Face, Red Face, Pink Jester hat & Yellow ?) these are shown on the map by the players village - Mail recipients increased from forty to sixty - Countdown timer added to Sale Icon - The title of Queen has been added. Players with Female avatars will now become Queen of their country. - Delete 'All Unmarked' Reports added to Delete Reports - Icon added to Premium Village Castle Screen when a Castle is damaged - Village Hall can be moved - Last Glory Round Results Popup - Additional Help Popups Added


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