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Latest Version: 7.29 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Old Versions: 7.27 / 7.26

Soft Organizer is free software to remove unnecessary and unused programs. Even after uninstalling programs in a standard way, traces of these applications remain in Windows system. These are unnecessary files and folders that take up disk space and registry entries that affect system performance in general. Soft Organizer is a powerful application manager that allows you to remove applications (completely clear all remnants after them), to install them and also it informs about the availability of new versions of programs installed on the computer.

Easy and quick
The main function of the program is completely removed applications from your computer. To do this, Soft Organizer tracks all changes that occur in the system during the installation of any programs. Thus, you can find out which files and registry entries were created or modified during the installation process. Then, using this data, Soft Organizer can completely remove the program from the system if necessary. Soft Organizer is characterized by high speed of operation. It is possible due to analyzing the performance of applications, utilities and computer disks in real time. That means that no additional information about files before and after installation on the computer memory does not remain.

Additional functionality
Soft Organizer offers advanced features for the complete removal of unnecessary programs from your computer, in particular it is the function of tracking during installation. At the same time, the tool also does an excellent job of removing those applications that were not tracked. Furthermore, Soft Organizer does not require additional knowledge of soft- and hardware of the computer. Utility has friendly interfaced and it is not difficult to use for all computer users.

The main advantages include:
High speed. The system is not overloaded during the analyzing of changes on disks and in the registry in real time.
Clarity and accessibility. Easy, convenient and fast removal of programs. The list of programs installed on the system is always available by clicking on the icon in the notification area.
Tracing. Trace search function for programs that have already been deleted from the system. Utility allows you to find and delete files, folders and registry entries that remain lying dead from programs that are no longer on the system.
Updates and relevance. Soft Organizer informs you about the release of new versions of installed programs. For each installed program, it displays how many percent of users delete it shortly after installation. This helps to identify unnecessary programs. The built-in software rating allows you to evaluate installed applications.
Back-up. When program traces are deleted, a backup is created in the Undo Center. This makes it easy to recover deleted traces of the program if necessary.

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What's new in this version:

August 28th, 2018
- Improving the unofficial translations gear work. Problem fixed: The program did not run under Windows XP.

  • 7.27

    Minor improvements and enhancements. Problem fixed: The program did not run under Windows XP.

  • 7.26

    The modern-style Windows 10 Action Center's notifications are now used for the installed applications updates informing. Improved program's stability. Minor improvements and enhancements.


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