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Latest Version: 18.09.16 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP x64 / Vista x64 / Windows 7 x64 / Windows 8 x64 / Windows 10 x64
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Old Versions: 18.08.14

There are very small amount of good video editors with free distribution, in particular, those that have a truly wide range of functions for non-linear editing.
Shotcut is such a program for video processing. The editor is distributed free of charge and has open source. The application can run on all operating systems. The assortment of the program has all the necessary tools for installation. In addition, there are several additional features that are not available in many similar developments.
From the main features of the application you can note the presence of a time panel with a different number of video and audio tracks, all kinds of filters for video, image stabilization, transitions. It is also possible to work on multiple monitors, process 4K video, there is support for HTML5 with a built-in editor, the ability to convert the video into any formats and much more. Nobody will argue with the fact that for a free editor, the feature set is pretty solid.
Before you starting work with the editor, you need to study all features of the program and understand how it works, because everything is much more complicated than in similar applications. Initially, everything will seem complicated and incomprehensible even for a more experienced user, and program has multiple languages.
When you Run application, the main window opens with a completely new interface for this type of development. Each tool is activated separately and has a specific location on the window or can move around the screen. You can activate them in the menu or by using the keys in the panel.
The “Level Meter” button is designed to control the audio signal level for each audio track or the entire timeline. The “Properties” parameter displays and configures the properties of the specified item in the timeline.
The “Playlist” item displays a list of files for use in the video. Adding can be done by dragging and dropping from the wire, and then on the timeline.
In the “Filters” are located filters and their parameters for the specified element in the timeline. The “Timeline” button activates the display of the timeline. In the “Encoding” parameter, you can encode and convert the video to a media file. In this case, you can customize and select formats. If you do not need to edit anything, this application can be used as a converter, which is not worse than specialized programs.
The execution of some manipulations in this program is not the same as in the other applications. For example, on the timeline between the rollers there is always a gap. In addition, the creation of transitions from the familiar to everyone is different. In this case, it is necessary to remove an empty gap, and then a little to overlay one movie to another, then create a transition. To configure it, you must select it and select “Properties”.

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What's new in this version:

Fixed broken color selection in the following (non-GPU) video filters:
- Chroma Key: Simple

- Chroma Key: Advanced

- Key Spill: Advanced

- White Balance

  • 18.08.14

    Fixed selecting a clip that contain clips whose speed was changed may corrupt the project file - Fixed selecting an existing Text filter with animation breaks the position and size of the text


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