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The SHAREit utility is an indispensable tool when you need to quickly transfer large files from one device to another. Many owners of PCs and smartphones have already decided to download SHAREit, forgetting all that is slow Bluetooth.
At the same time, in order to exchange data, it is not necessary to connect to the Internet, as this utility uses the Wi-Fi module.
The apparent simplicity SHAREit just surprised its advantages compared to its analogues.
Start, perhaps, is that it is able to automatically search for devices that are already installed SHAREit in the field of view.

Advantages of the program:
The utility supports many file formats, starting with the usual photos, videos, messages, contacts and documets, and ending with the installation files of games;
Instant view of phone files on the computer and the reverse process, view the file information available on the PC with instant download of the required content on the phone;
High-speed file transfer, up to several gigabytes;
Platform, provided that transmit and receive the necessary information can be both from the phone and from the tablet and, of course, from the PC, regardless of their combination.

To transfer files over a Wi-Fi network, you only need to follow a few steps:
Select “Send” on the device from which the transfer will be carried out.
Select the device to which the file will be transferred.
The recipient confirms the shipment.
One of the coolest options of the program is embedding into the file Manager. You will not need to run the software, search for a document, then select a device, just need to select open the properties menu of a specific file and select “Send by ShareIT”.

Principle of operation:
consider the algorithm of the program on the example of a standard situation – you need to transfer a file from your phone to your computer, both devices are connected to the same router.
1. Download the application on your PC and smartphone, install it and run.
2. On the phone, press the “Send”button.
3. Select an object from the list.
4. Among the list of available devices we are looking for a computer (its name is the same as the name of the logged-in PC user). Click on it.
5. The desktop application will require permission to receive the object, confirm the request.
6. The received data will be displayed in the log.
If at any stage of the utility will offer to pass the authorization procedure using a QR-code – just scan the image on the monitor via the camera of the mobile device.

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