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 -  Freeware
Latest Version: 2.49.4 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Old Versions: 2.49.3

The SeaMonkey project is a community attempt to come up with the Sea-Monkey all-purpose internet application package (see below). Such an application package was made popular with Netscape and Mozillaas well as the SeaMonkey project proceeds to build up and deliver supreme quality upgrades for the notion. Adding an online browser, email & newsgroup client having an comprised feed reader, HTML editor, IRC chat and web creation applications, Sea-Monkey is guaranteed to attract advanced level users, web designers and corporate consumers.
Under the hood, Sea-Monkey uses a lot of the identical Mozilla origin code that powers such powerful allies as Firefox and Thunderbird. Legal financing is offered by the Mozilla Foundation.

Features of this Sea Monkey Suite:
-Sync enables you to maintain your surfing historypasswords, passwords, tabs and preferences InSync over different devices (computers) at a safe manner )
-Tabbed surfing provides you a far better way to browse the net. You don’t need to open 1 page at one time. Plus, your site can be multiple pages, even in tabs.
-Sec restore brings all your open windows and windows after the infrequent occasion that Sea-Monkey crashes–of course in the event that you need even if you close and then reopen the browser or restart your PC.
-Add ons Control provides nearly infinite possibilies to expand your web experience either through installing additional functionality established by other people and even openly developing your extensions and providing them into all of those other Sea Monkey community.
-Feed detection informs you when webpages provide RSS or Atom feeds, and nourish trailer permits you to view their own contents and select a reader with that to join to people – including an inside viewer at the Mail & Newsgroups component of Sea Monkey.
-Tabbed Mail enables you to manage your email and folders within parallel, without sacrificing control of where you are at when reading, responding to and dealing together with messages from more intricate patterns.
-Junk email controls assist you to take control of one’s e mail from spammers.
-Chaton IRC networks for this simple yet successful IRC client. Numerous channels and networks are simple to keep tabs at an comfortable tabbed interface.
-DOM Inspector allows one to dig in the file structure of internet pages, addons and on occasion even the Sea-Monkey”chrome” it self and scrutinize a enormous quantity of properties of almost any part within that arrangement, including Java Script items and CSS styles.
-Java Script Debugger (“Venkman”) enables you to sew JavaScript code onto your own websites, addons and even yet in Sea-Monkey it self with a package of debugging tools.

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  • 2.49.3

    You were unable to add or edit properties for images and links in the 2.49.1 Composer. The problem, tracked in bug 1417819, has been fixed. We are sorry for the inconvenience it caused. - SeaMonkey now uses gtk3 on Linux. If you experience a problem because of this please file a bug and link it to Switch Linux builds to GTK3 with SeaMonkey 2.49. Pleae try another OS theme first. Some of them are buggy and cause problems with SeaMonkey, Thunderbird and Firefox. - With some Linux themes, the menulist- and history-dropmarker didn't show. It was actually there but only 1 pixel wide. The problem, tracked in bug 1331208, has been fixed. As a result the dropmarker in the location bar is now also shown a little wider under Windows. - Scrollbars didn't show the buttons under Linux. The problem, tracked in bug 1269145, has been fixed. We will try to improve the visual experience in a follow-up version. - WebRTC has been disabled by default. It needs an add-on to enable it per site. See the webrtc-permissions-ui-toggle add-on. - The active title bar was not visually emphasized under Linux or using the Windows XP/Vista/7 Classic theme. We opted to show it with a striped color bar in bug 1398973. - For security, parts of bug 1035091 were ported in bug 1411708. This might cause problems with add-ons like Stylish which use moz-document. Set the preference "layout.css.moz-document.content.enabled" to "true" to overcome this but be aware that this disables the added security fix. - You can remove the tool- and menubar grippies by setting the preference "browser.toolbars.grippyhidden" to "true".


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