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Latest Version: 3.1.0 LATEST
Requirements: Android 3.0 and up
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Root booster is for root users who Want Additional performance to run Programs Easily without lags or for People Who need to improve a Lousy battery life
There are a number of programs that save battery life or boost functionality, nevertheless Root Booster employs the most recognized settings to attain the best outcomes. It is possible to readily use those settings with preset modes that ensure speed increase, battery increase or equilibrium increase. These modes are accomplished by implementing proper settings to the most important mobile parts. Below are a few explanations for what especially Root Booster does for your CPU, RAM and Android OS system.
Every Android program can have one or a number of providers. They operate in the background and typically carry out some type of task. Lots of men and women believe that if they kill an application, it totally stops draining your computing and battery power, but that is not correct. Application still have solutions which are running after murdering and drains computing and battery power. On the flip side, should you reopen an application it cease it is application and services doesn’t drain battery and CPU computing power . Hibernation is softly and efficient method to conserve your battery and boost functionality.
Root Booster will locate battery draining and performance demanding software and automobile hibernates them.
A governor is a catalyst for the law of CPU frequency. Governor determines how quickly and when will probably be attained minimal or maximum CPU frequency. Placing appropriate governor makes your apparatus more battery conserving, fast or more secure. But, deciding which governor is appropriate is a bit tricky.
Root Booster may choose which governor you ought to use and automatically implements the most acceptable governor for the chosen mode.
Each program uses VM heap because of it is work and data. The principal reason to modify the VM heap size is equilibrium advancement. Many large applications require a significant quantity of memory (VM pile ) due to their own work. Placing heap size is tough endeavor and there’s absolutely no manual to put up for much better functionality. Better performance could be only accomplished by analyzing.
Root booster will examine your RAM and sets your VM heap size to get superior stability and functionality.
New variant for non-rooted consumers
Hibernation disables and stinks programs running at the background to enhance battery life
And purify your apparatus.
Each program creates unnecessary documents Using your own SD card or internal storage
space. Eliminating cache documents by one tap into free up area Allows You to recover
Storage and optimize and accelerate your mobile system.

Disclaimer: Root Booster is shown by tens of thousands of customers and have the car backup system, however we don’t have responsibility for damaging your device.

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What's new in this version:

- Added new CPU governor algorithms


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