Precise Volume Precise Volume (+ EQ/Booster)

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Latest Version: 1.19.1 LATEST
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
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Never again will this really be an issue!
Precise Volume overrides Android’s 15 volume measures limit, providing you with 100 different quantity levels. Other programs only offer the illusion of getting more quantity measures. Precise Volume safely hooks to a device’s sound system to give you more quantity controller choices!
But Precise Volume does not only give you more fine control over the quantity — in addition, it can make your life easier by automatically placing volume to you if you want it . Setup Automatic Volume (PRO attribute ) to automatically place volume for different pairs of headphones, bluetooth devices, programs, and much more!
Additionally, you may make it so when you plug a device in your headset jack, a conversation automatically pops up asking you which headset preset to utilize.
Now also featuring a 5-band Equalizer using a bass booster, audio amplifier, and Equalizer Presets!
And every one these features include the extra bonus of getting genuinely fine-grained control on your own apparatus.

PRO users may consume around 1,000,000 exact volume amounts. Insanity!
• Does not even require root. How awesome is that?

Restrict quantity and safeguard your hearing!
• Characteristics a nifty volume limitation attribute for headset use.

Loads of configurations!
• Precise Volume is very customizable, letting you tweak settings to meet your lifestyle.

Custom Volume Presets
• Presets permit you to efficiently set your quantity for unique scenarios, for example: using particular pairs of headphones, while plugged in an AUX cable in your vehicle, etc..
• Activate presets when headphones are plugged , headset is attached, an program is opened, etc. (PRO)

Fully-Featured Equalizer
• Correct audio how you enjoy it! Produce equalizer presets for every one your favourite genres. (Section of the Equalizer.)

Volume Booster
• Boost volume greater than generally allowed! (Section of the Equalizer.)

Cable Volume Buttons into Media
• Force volume switches to utilize Media by default Rather than Ringer.

Precise Volume PRO
Unlock These attributes by buying PRO:

• Volume Control Notification – Show a continuing notification with quantity controls, giving you fast access to Precise Volume.
• Screen Away Override – Override system volume controller behaviour while your display is off or on your pocket. Very helpful for those that hear music/podcasts/etc with off their screen.
• automated Volume – Activate presets automatically when headphones are plugged , bluetooth is attached, an program is opened, etc..
• Volume Button Override – Permit Precise Volume control your volume switches from any display!
• Max Volume – Change the range of quantity measures. You are able to alter it to whatever between 0 and 1,000,000! By default, Android includes only 15!
• Volume Button Increments – The quantity of volume which will be changed while the volume buttons have been pressed.
• Dark App/UI Theme – Enables a dim app/UI Theme – ideal for nighttime viewing and apparatus using OLED displays!
• Audio Curve – Change how slowly or fast volume moves from minimum to maximum.
• Blend All Volumes – Shifting the quantity of any spectrum will automatically change all the other quantity spectrums to fit it.
• More features added all of the time! – Send your ideas to!

Permissions Described:
Web – For advertisements and in-app purchases.
Receive Boot Completed – For launching empowered services back up after a reboot.
Wi-Fi Condition Change – To the Wi-Fi Automation attribute.
Bluetooth – To the Bluetooth Automation attribute.
This program uses Access services.

Download Precise Volume for Android

What's new in this version:

- Fixed a few rather vital bugs.

- More to come! Stay tuned. Send your suggestions to!


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