Pedometer, Step Counter and Weight Loss Tracker App Pedometer, Step Counter and Weight Loss Tracker App

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Latest Version: p5.9.2 LATEST
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
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Track your measure, walking & weight reduction with this completely free wellness counter. Slim down and monitor walk in distance and calories burned with 24/7 step counting out of our pedometer, step counter & wellness program app.
Download the Pedometer program free of charge to turn your mobile to your own personal wellness and weight loss tracker! Reduce fat with calorie burning directed fitness programs, measure counting and action monitoring. Join our wellbeing, walking and fitness area and get active and fit!

How Pacer functions:
-Simply download, start and begin walking. Our free step counter program will monitor your measures automatically if your telephone is with you
-“Trends:” Track your whole activity history (measures, calorie count, etc. ).)
-“Research:” Views & Groups
-“Strategy:” Daily exercise programs for your health Objectives

1. Proceed into”Pedometer Preferences” and correct the Pedometer mode when the measure counter Isn’t properly monitoring steps
2. Add our program to your own cleaning program’s”ignore” list so that the measure tracker does not get closed down
3. No 2 people walk exactly the same. Adjust measure counter sensitivity if necessary to enhance walking accuracy

Important Notice:
Some telephones simply can not count measures if the display is locked or off. We strive hard to encourage as many mobiles as we could. If these measures do not address your issue, your apparatus might be the situation. Email our service and we are going to work hard receive your measure counting on the right track.

Just Download and Move
-No wristband or extra tracker hardware needed. Count your steps with only your telephone… and our counter top is free of charge!
-No site login needed. Simply download our walking program to begin counting measures and tracking calories burned.

Complete Fitness & Measures Tracking
The step counter functions if your phone is on your hand, pocket or handbag
-GPS action tracker monitors outside fitness activities on a map
Pedometer syncs action information to MyFitnessPal and Fitbit producing the greatest weight loss tool and measure counter program
-All of those tracking features are liberated! True free measure counting.

Successful Exercise Plans
-Daily exercise programs designed by expert trainers to enhance health, Eliminate weight and stay busy
-Step by step video and audio guided workouts
-Produce walking classes to burn off calories jointly with friends & Loved Ones
-Compete in events such as motivation to walk and Eliminate weight
-Track your measures, action and calorie burn.
-Sync our tracker with programs like MyFitnessPal and FitBit for complete measure deleting data and monitoring

Produce Healthful Outcomes
-One-tap tools to Construct wellness and wellness habits and conquer weight loss Objectives
-Reach your target: Walk , eliminate weight, or enhance wellness!

Additional Important Features:
-The Very Best pedometer for any Telephone
-Precise Actions & action tracking
-Weight reduction, BMI monitoring and calorie burn counter
-Daily fitness programs for any health target — lose weight, walk improve wellness
-Trends shows daily actions, weight and calories
-Auto-sync measures and calories into MyFitnessPal or Fitbit

Rely on Pacer Pedometer to your very best complimentary walk tracker. Try out Pacer Pedometer at first prior to purchasing a Fitbit or alternative tracker! Pacer syncs using MyFitnessPal along with other measure counter programs for all your wellbeing and measure data in 1 tracking program.

1. Establish your Fitbit Program
2. Your Fitbit is currently connected to Pacer

Download Pedometer for Android

What's new in this version:

- Hey Pacers! We’ve made your historical data easier to view in the “Trends” tab. View 1-week/1-month/6-months/lifetime stats without having to tilt your screen.

- We’ve also fixed some minor bugs and streamlined some features. Update your Pacer today!


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