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Latest Version: 3.7.0 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP x64 / Vista x64 / Windows 7 x64 / Windows 8 x64 / Windows 10 x64
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Old Versions: 3.6.7

pCloud is a young and very promising data cloud with a head office in Switzerland, which, in a short time, has earned itself good reviews from both professionals and ordinary users. The developers said at the start, that their service is intended equally for businesses and individuals, and therefore took care that the work of some did not go to the detriment of others. The technical side of the service allows even ordinary customers to take advantage of all the benefits of the storage and not feel themselves in any way hurt.
While other similar file storage unnecessarily complicate the work, cloud service pCloud Drive has tried to focus on making the use of the cloud as convenient as possible, but at the same time functional enough. Starting in 2013, the cloud managed to attract more than 6 million active users and their number is constantly growing.

Cloud Functions pCloud
Online storage pCloud Drive is ideal for backup, storage and exchange of photos, multimedia files, as well as working documents in the most convenient form. Your files will always be at hand, wherever you are. To do this, it is sufficient to have a computer or any mobile device that has an Internet connection. With pCloud Drive, you can organize the synchronization of files, as well as their playback in the cloud without downloading to the computer.

Managing and sharing files
All files uploaded to the cloud are easily searched through the search form, and sorted by type (images, audio, video, documents, archives). When you delete a file from the cloud, it is not removed immediately, but remains in the Recycle Bin for a while, with the possibility of recovery (as on a normal computer). For free tariffs this period is 30 days, for paid ones – 180 days from the date of deletion. At the same time, you can at any time independently clear the trash from unnecessary files.
Application provides the opportunity to work together on documents, as well as the ability to set extended access rights to specific folders. For these purposes, the function “Invitation to a folder” built-in on the cloud. All users who accept your invitation will receive the right to use files from the folder, according to the access rights you have set.
Generate links to files and send them to your friends and colleagues by mail, through social networks or by posting on the site, after which they will be able to download the corresponding files at maximum speed without waiting, paying or needing to view obsessive advertising. Your friends can not only download, but also upload files to your pCloud cloud.
Applications and software
You can work with the cloud pCloud both with a computer and through mobile devices. The cloud supports all popular Internet browsers. Everyone can freely download their own pCloud Drive programs for a more secure and convenient work with files. The applications work under all versions of Windows, Mac, Android and Linux (32/64).

Download pCloud Drive for Windows


All your photos always with you, anywhere you go!

  • All your photos always with you, anywhere you go!

All your documents always with you, anywhere you go!

  • All your documents always with you, anywhere you go!

All your music always with you, anywhere you go!

  • All your music always with you, anywhere you go!

What's new in this version:

- Added support for Two-Factor Authentication

- Fixed issue while creating Download links

  • 3.6.7

    Fixed Facebook login error


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