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Worrying about the safeness of your devices and your information? We have a solution for these problems. PCProtect – cross-platform security program which has a built-in VPN component. This Brand belongs to the British company SS Protect Limited, which is also responsible for the marketing of Scanguard and TotalAV.
The PC Protect has intuitive clear user interface and a large list of personal configurations. It has a gorgeous dark background, shades of bright color, and clearly identified buttons.
Developers integrated a VPN (Virtual Peer Network) into PC Protect, which allows you easily change your location and to keep your history private. Antivirus has real-time security to keep you safe from threats or two types of scanning: quick and full system scan. Quick scan allows you easily and quickly scan your computer every day. This method checks cache, browsers, desktop, cookies and whole internal storage. Or you can put up a schedule for full scan, which allows you not to spend your time and computer resources when you work on it.
In addition to protection, PC Protect also has a set of tools that improve PC performance.

Features of PC Protect Antivirus:
1 Easy to install:
The best thing about this program is that it supports almost all platforms and devices. You can install the same antivirus on your all devices and use your license for all of them.
2 Good VPN
3 System Boost:
You also can instantly improve your computers boot time or control apps and stop all unnecessary processes. You can use built-in Ad Block to surf the internet safely
4 Looks great
5 Support:
PC Protect has their support channels which works 24/7 live chat !
6 Built-in Utilities
The Disk Cleaner can search for duplicated files and delete unnecessary junk files. System boost cleans up startup programs and uninstall applications. Browser manager lets you to clear history and cookies from all browsers.
One of the biggest advantages of PC Protect from another antivirus is that you can use it almost on all platforms and devices. Toolbar on the left side has everything you need: safe internet surfing, VPN, firewall and more that you want. One more feature of this antivirus is its support. The online knowledge base where you can easily find all information about installation and more. Or if you need immediate help, PC Protect has customer service, which is open 24/7 and there is somebody who will help you!

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What's new in this version:

- - bugs fixed - added more countries for VPN - updated base of threads - now System Boost add boost up to 10%

  • 2018


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