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Latest Version: 55.0 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP x64 / Vista x64 / Windows 7 x64 / Windows 8 x64 / Windows 10 x64
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Old Versions: 54.0

Opera- a web-browser for all operating systems and for mobile phones designed both for work and entertainment. Opera has small size, so it won’t overload computer and lots of pages can be opened simultaneously.
Opera has wide variety of settings, firstly, it allows you to customize the browser’s appearance, you can choose wallpapers, theme, font size.
Secondly, it has a built-in advertising blocker, this allows browser to launch pages quicker. Also, the browser has a built-in VPN, so it will be useful, for example, for visiting web-sites that are restricted in your country or if you need it for your work, you don’t need to install additional programs for changing VPN.
Thirdly, Opera has a built-in converter (in the latest version 55.0), choose any measure(for example time, currency or weight) and Opera will show you converted value in pop-up window. You can choose what measures convert in settings.
Furthermore, Opera can synchronize information from another browser, so that when you change the browser you do not have to re-save all the sites and passwords-information will be automatically transferred after the browser is installed.
If you just started using the Opera, it may seem that interface a bit complicated, but you will quickly master it, in addition, Opera supports most languages of the world and offers automatic translation of pages so that you will not have difficulties with visiting foreign sites.
Moreover, Opera is perfect browser for developers, foremost Opera-it is client of World Wide Web, the program for extracting documents created with Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), also it supports Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), so it is useful for creating and testing sites. One more advantage of Opera – built-in debugger, it allows you to immediately change the code and styles in browser and see how it works, you can also change the script and look how it works step-by-step with the help of additional debugger functions.
And last but not the least advantage of Opera is Opera addons. It is website with thousands of themes and extensions for different stores, online-cinemas, games and so on and most of these extensions are free.
Generally, Opera is a popular browser both among ordinary users and developers that combines a wide range of different functions and features and at the same fills a minimum amount of space on the computer, doesn’t use a large amount of RAM and quickly loads web pages on any devices and this program is completely free.

Download Орега for Windows


Opera browser for Windows

With a built-in ad blocker and VPN, our free web browser for Windows brings you more speed and privacy.

  • Opera browser for Windows

Stay safer and more private

Opera keeps your browsing safe, so you can stay focused on the content. Our secure browser protects you from fraud and malware on the web. Would you like better privacy on the web? Try our unlimited, free VPN feature.

  • Stay safer and more private

Enjoy an ad-free web

Tired of online ads? Opera is the first major web browser that can block ads for you without add-ons. According to tests, our built-in ad blocker makes content-rich webpages load in Opera up to 90% faster.

  • Enjoy an ad-free web

Multitask on the web easily

Our visual bookmarks, tab cycling and customizable shortcuts, keep you on track and save you time. Can't get enough online video? Don’t miss our new video pop out feature - a floating, moveable video frame that lets you keep browsing or work in other apps without missing any of the action.

  • Multitask on the web easily

Browse faster and longer

Opera’s speed and performance are among our top priorities. The data-compressing Opera Turbo feature, native ad blocker and other features will help you browse faster. And, the new battery saver feature will help you browse longer, too: it extends laptop battery life by up to 50%.

  • Browse faster and longer

Currency conversion while you shop

With a currency converter built right into the browser, Opera helps you shop online around the world without any nasty surprises on your credit card bill.

  • Currency conversion while you shop

Personalize your browser

Over 1,000 extensions make it easy to customize Opera. Download the extensions and themes you like from Opera’s add-ons catalog to get the best browser experience with a personal touch. With the animated themes, you can even bring Opera’s start page to life

  • Personalize your browser

Take your browser data with you

Switch between devices and pick up browsing where you left off with Opera sync. Bookmarks, open tabs and other data stay synced through your Opera account. Want to keep Opera with all its settings handy on a USB drive? Try our portable version.

  • Take your browser data with you

Get your personal news feed

Opera brings the latest news to one spot, available from the browser’s start page. Personalize your news feed to read what is most relevant to you. You can add preferred news sources from all over the world, in addition to the top 50 articles from your region

  • Get your personal news feed

What's new in this version:

- Update chromium on master to 70.0.3534.4

- Crash when restarting download in download popup

- BrowserCloseManagerBrowserTest fails with timeout

- Browser crash when closing last tab in private window with an active download

  • 54.0

    Crash at opera::WebContentsDeletionObserver::WebContentsDestroyed() - Use ffmpeg codec distributed by Ubuntu in Linux snap - Exclude “old suggestions” from post-migration clean-up


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