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 -  Freeware
Latest Version: 56.0.2924.92 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Orbitum is one of the fastest and secure web browser, which is based on the Chromium engine. The best part of the Orbitum is that it comes with integrated applications for social networks, so it will be relevant for active users.
You can sign in to your favorite social network, VKontakte , OK or Facebook and chat with friends using the built-in chat. This means that users of Orbitum can do their work and at the same time can respond to sent messages, not “stuck” while doing this in the news feed or on a randomly opened page. This feature allows you to save your time and at same time be online.
The browser has two modes: normal and «silent». In normal mode, the social network panel is enabled. Orbitum differs from other browsers by quickly loading sites and with ability of importing bookmarks from other browsers. You can download Orbitum Browser for free, as it is a free software.
Orbitum – a browser for social networks. This new development, which makes communication through the social networks even easier and faster. Orbitum includes Torrent client and a player that allows you to listen to online radio. The browser is easy to use, because it combines the design of Google Chrome and Facebook application. If you worried about your account passwords, you can trust, because Orbitum uses official protocols. And your password does not store, they only are sent to your social network. If you are interested in how to update Orbitum to the latest version, we assure you that we have the latest version of the program on our site, therefore the task to update the Orbitum is not a problem.

Download Orbitum Browser for Windows




Use built-in chat for chatting with friends from VK and Odnoklassniki.



Install mobile version of Orbitum, synchronize bookmarks, history and enjoy the Internet without advertising with built-in AdBlock.


What's new in this version:

Features of Orbitum:
- The intuitive clear user interface : You can easily pick your own theme and personalize your Orbitum. Or you can configure your chat settings, for example leaving in it people who are now online, or just leave your closest friends for you so that the searching for the right person takes less time. Built-in automatic update service Normal and silent mode: Silent mode allows you to hide the contact panel, located on the right side of the browser. Incognito mode: The "incognito" mode lets you surf sites and download files and these actions will not record in the history of views and downloads. Secure: Safe surfing the Internet! Displays alert about sites that may cause a threat to your computer. Automatically check for updates and obtain up-to-date information for the security system. Remembers your last session: If the browser is accidentally closed, all your session will be saved automatically, which allows you keep important materials in all unexpected situations.

What's new in last update :
- Improved stability of the program. Updated the core of the browser. Improved speed. Fixed minor bugs.


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