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WebKit engine, thanks to this, the pages on the Internet will be loaded very quickly and you will no longer be bothered by intrusive advertising thanks to the built-in Adblock. In addition I will say that it is distributed free of charge. It means that you can download the latest official version from our website right now. Midori has a simple tabbed interface, customizable search and it supports to JavaScript.
Midori browser stands out for its simplicity and economy among many popular browsers. While other browsers use almost all of your RAM and begin to slow down, Midori does it’s job well even with a heavily loaded system. Another Midori feature is using as a browser for smart devices such as TV. The browser as part of Xfce Goodies, is developed by the German company Christian Dywan. Midori developers do not want to stop at what has been achieved, they continue to improve their product, regularly release updates, add new features that make the browser even more interesting and functional.

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Small But Mighty

Midori may only be a little program, but it supports many of the most popular parts of the web, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify and Rdio.

  • Small But Mighty

Simply Beautiful

Midori is carefully crafted by skilled designers and coders, right down to the last pixel.

  • Simply Beautiful

All About Privacy

Midori features built-in privacy tools, including script disabling, third-party cookie blocking, stripping referrer details and automatic history clearing after a set amount of time. There’s also an integrated adblocker and cookie manager installed (but not enabled) under the included extensions.

  • All About Privacy

Available (Almost) Everywhere

You can install Midori on Windows, a variety of Linux distributions, or run a portable version for use across several computers.

  • Available (Almost) Everywhere

What's new in this version:

Main features of the Midori:
- Fast web page processing with WebKit. Manage tabs, windows and sessions. Full integration with GTK + 2 Support for custom scripts and styles. Customizable and extensible interface. Built-in AdBlock. New facilities of Midori 0.5.11 Various improvements Mouse Gestures Now you can graphically add and remove icons from the toolbar Speed Dial IDN support Plugins panel Maemo integration



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