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Latest Version: 2876 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Old Versions: 2836

As its name suggests, the app is a GUI-based x264 converter which, may seem a little bit sophisticated for beginners who may consider it too complicated or daunting to use. However, behind its appearance hides the most powerful and fully-featured tool.
Do not overlook this app as it is a good choice for audio and video converting. Although it is the favorite option for more advanced users it has a “one click encode” solution which is a perfect way to get started and get to know the MeGUI better.

Powerful instrument to process multimedia files
This graphical user interface has a robust set of instruments and tools and on that note, it updates quite regularly despite the fact it is absolutely free and open source software.
MeGUI can do more than you can expect of such software. You can freely lean on its automatic conversion jobs or you can control them separately as they are underway.
To achieve higher performance and to deliver quick feedback MeGUI creates multiple threads for the multi-core CPUs. In addition to its high performance, it is an all-in-one tool having all the necessary built-in features to convert a wide array of audio and video files for various media players including iPod formats.
Most of the features are set automatically, and some presets are already there, however, if you spend some more time you’ll find it quite easy to tweak setting for your encoding. Once you’ve balanced the setup the way you want, you can save it to put into a cold storage

Efficient and versatile
MeGUI can also process high-quality audio records and high-resolution video files, including HD or DVD/Blu-Ray rips. MeGUI employs different audio ((HE)AAC/AC-3) and video codecs (XviD/x264/x256) to create ISO MPEG-4(ASP) or MKV files. It also supports all major containers, such as MKV, MP4, AVI together with M2TS. Apart from that MeGUI uses various encoders like BeSweet & Nero AAC encoder to enable even the most well-versed users to take the full advantage of the software.

Download MeGUI for Windows


What's new in this version:

- Added high bit depth support (requires AVS+). Therefore, avs4x26x has been replaced by ffmpeg when using x26x

- Changed default value of "always use the included AviSynth" to enabled

[Chapter Creator]:
- Added option to use an automated counter for chapters (enabled by default) - Added fps selector for the input does change the time codes if the input fps is not known (e.g. as with TXT/XML) - The output fps value is used during saving for all output types

- [HD Streams Extractor]: - Added an option to select if the output prefix should be added (default: enabled)

- Fixed tracks 2 to n-1 not properly selecting their input track stream (regression of 2808). bug #907

- Fixed audio track processing for some file types if DG* indexer is used (e.g. VOB without IFO)

Known Problems:
- Windows Vista and older are not supported - Unicode is not supported - M2TS bitrate calculator does not calculate correct values as the specifications are unknown

  • 2836

    Features/Changes: - [File Indexer] enabled "select audio tracks" for DGIndexIM/NV - [File Indexer] show DGIndexIM/NV only if enabled in the settings - [HD Streams Extractor] removed the custom "+ Options" column by default and added an option to show it Enhancements/Fixes: - Improved High DPI support - [Audio Encoder]x64: improved the downmix functions for 7.1/6.1 to 5.1 Known Problems: - Windows XP and older is not supported - Unicode is not supported - M2TS bitrate calculator does not calculate correct values as the specifications are unknown


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