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Latest Version: 1.6 LATEST
Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and up
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This program parse the multimedia documents and reveal details of every flow inside, including length, codec, video/audio dimensions, frame count, tags etc..
You might even see the bitrate chart of certain media file(Except images).
This info could be exported in various formats(csv, json, ini, xml) and may be shared with other people.
You may even apply unique filters on chosen media such as trimming, crop,rotate and compress and may choose from other available programs in your mobile to pick the document for analysis.

✔When you launch the program it show you list of media files to pick from, it is possible to pick the file for evaluation or long click to see options that may be applied for this particular file (Rename, Crop,Trim,Compress, e.t.c.)
You could even change file types(image/video/audio) to be revealed in drop down.
✔After selection you’re taken to result display, this screen comprises overflow menu in top right corner which you can utilize to export/share the outcomes.
All exports are stored in ‘Media Information’ folder from SD card directory directory.
If you found any info missing then please export the outcome and look there since I’m not revealing each data accessible (attachments), additionally you might want to scroll down the text area if data doesn’t fit in 1 line.
Basic informations are displayed immediately but another that need additional calculations may require a while at the same time you see progress bar over these areas since they’re calculating.

Download Media Information for Android

What's new in this version:

- Added bitrate graph

- Fixed bitrate calculations

- Added options to select type of file to be shown (image, video or audio)


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