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Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Old Versions: 2.5.2

Karafun Player supplies a comprehensive solution for home karaoke. KaraFuncomprises a easy-to-use editor that can import many existing karaoke songs. KaraFun Player lets you play with your karaoke files in addition to the music of this KaraFun on the web karaoke catalogue .
KaraFun offers exceptional control of each and every single voice. Change the amount of the backing vocals and each gender individually. Now you can sing duets, even if you are alone!

A number of those exceptional characteristics of Karafun Player:

Over 28,000 studio-quality tunes
KaraFun provides you significantly more than 28,000 highquality karaoke music listed in professional studios. Your apparatus immediately becomes the right karaoke machine!

Double Screen Display
An individual click activates Double Screen, an extra karaoke window you can go on to a outside screen or video projector.

Off Line Sync
Renting a karaoke party within the nation house? Sync the songs you prefer (or desire ) off line and also continue to keep the party moving!

Custom keyword & pace
Get ringing, your own way!

Okay, so that you’ve noticed a whole lot of songs that are great, however you want a solution to see them easily after. Only put them into the favorites: store all of the songs you will love in a convenient locale, and store them all offline.

Already sang this song? With a fast look you’re able to understand very well what has been played when.

KaraFun can play lots of karaoke files, if you are employing the music included karaoke subscription or your CD+G, MPEG, KAR or even MID to list a couple!

And much more

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What's new in this version:

30,000 studio-quality songs
- KaraFun gives you more than 30,000 high-quality karaoke songs recorded in professional studios. Your device instantly becomes the perfect karaoke machine!

Dual Screen Display
- A single click activates Dual Display, an additional karaoke window that you can move to your external monitor or video-projector.

Offline Sync
- Hosting a karaoke party in the country house? KaraFun's got your back even when you're off the grid. Sync the songs that you like (or need) offline and keep the party going!

Custom key & tempo
- Customize the key and tempo of any song in our catalog. Get singing, your way!

Save to favorites
- Ok, so you’ve discovered a whole bunch of great songs, but you need a way to find them easily later. Simply add them to the favorites: keep all the songs you love in one convenient location, and save them offline.

- Already sang that song? With a quick look you can know what was already played and when.

- KaraFun can play many karaoke files, whether you're using the songs included karaoke subscription or your own CD+G, MPEG, KAR or MID to name a few!

  • 2.5.2

    tis the season... of singing! KaraFun Player has been improved, and should take all the pesky bugs for a Sleigh ride


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