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Latest Version: 76 RC
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Old Versions: 75.1

K-Meleon is a web-browser, that was created for comfortable and convenient Internet searching. It has many useful functions, including work with several tabs, inbuilt opportunity to change program interface and to configure security systems, privacy, proxy-servers, etc. K-Meleon is easy, efficient and fast application for Windows systems. Developed on the basis of Gecko, K-Meleon differs from other similar applications. The main advantage of this web-browser in the first place is its speed.

Speed Up
K-Meleon is very undemanding for computer resources. All you need for good and effective work in Internet – to have a Windows operating system, 32 MB of RAM and 15 MB of free hard disk space for a full browser installation. K-Meleon allows you to work with the systems of bookmarks from various well-known browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox. You can choose those bookmark systems with which you are more comfortable to work or even use all three at the same time.

One of the defining characteristics of K-Meleon is the ability to configure the browser by the user in a very flexible way. You can easily reorganize the browser’s main and context menu by adding or removing items at will, adding any function to the toolbar or assigning a hot key to any of these functions. This process doesn’t require any additional knowledge from the user, because it is not necessary to use jar-files or download additional extensions. A unique macros module provides huge opportunities for expanding the functionality and capabilities of K-Meleon. The interface is very simple and user-friendly, and supports different languages. If your computer is not very new, but you have to work and to make fast Internet researches, K-Meleon was made for you.

Download K-Meleon for Windows


What's new in this version:

- Updated to Gecko 38.8

- Flashblock update

  • 75.1

    - Update to Gecko 31.8 - Chg: moved bmpmenu into core, plugin bmpmenu now is only used for compatibility with older skins using menuicons.cfg - Chg: using gecko favicon cache - Chg: improved autocomplete result display - Add: allow function declaration in macros - Add: macro function date(format[, time]). - Add: macro function download(url, path[, function]). - Add: kmeleon.display.urlbar_fontsize (multiplier, default is 1) - Add: "copy link text" in context menu. - Add: "URLBar" menu to customize the context menu of the url bar. - Fix: various minor memory leaks - Fix: losing sessions when disk full - Fix: last session could stop being saved after a while - Fix: video/animation staying still when switching tab


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