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Latest Version: 2.2.4 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Old Versions: 2.2.4

Screenshot making takes a lot of time? First of all make a screenshot, then edit it in a graphics editor, then upload the file to the cloud, get the link and only then send it. Joxi is simple and convenient program for creating and sharing screenshots, we can say without exaggeration, that this is the best program of a kind. Joxi will help you to make the monotonous work bright and entertaining. The program has become very popular due to its simplicity and functionality. It is very easy to use, first download and install the program from our site to your computer. Also it is very easy to share screenshots via the Internet with Joxi. All the screenshots you made can be found in your personal account on the Joxi service. Joxi has a set of useful tools(pencil, blur, highlight, black out, numbering, etc.). Now you can leave notes and select the objects you need. There are many convenient “hot” keys in Joxi.
In order to get started with Joxi, you just need to download this program from our site, after the download is complete, run the installer and wait for the installation to complete, now Joxi is ready to use. When you first start Joxi you need to register or login with any social network, the procedure is very simple and will not take you much time. Next, to make a screenshot, click on the tray icon and choose the option you need. You are able to make a screenshot of all screen or choose only a single part of your screen that you want to show. The program’s built-in photo editor will be opened after you captured screenshot, if necessary, you can highlight or blur desired areas, add text and markups to a screenshot using it. The program turned out to be quite interesting, so you should try it out personally, especially since the program is free and takes up very little space.

Download Joxi for Windows


Start with one click

To start working with Joxi, you are to download the software and just laucnh it. Afterwards you are to click on the icon in the tray - and start making screenshots, editing them, making notes and sending to the server! Just unbelievable how easy it is! If you are a dissident, and do right click on it, we will still be able to make you glad. If you right click on an ucon, a special Joxi menu will open, using which you can make amazing things: make shots of the whole screen in just one click, view uploading history and many more. Here ypu can also find the settings menu.

  • Start with one click

Show only what you need

Let us say you want to make a shot of a part of the screen, not the whole scree . To do this, simply press Ctrl+PrintScreen and use the cursor to select the necessary area. Afterwards, a Very Useful Set of Graphic Instruments will appear under it, using which you can make anything to a screenshot - put arrows, type a text or even draw moustaches on a photo. You can also change the size of a screenshot by dragging the frame around it, and to do this, it is not necessary to aim and get into the frame of an image. Simply click on the darkened area at one side of the image and change its size . The screenshot will automatically be uploaded into the server, and the link to it will be copied into your clipboard.

  • Show only what you need

To display the menu, move the cursor on the icon and click Joxi the right mouse button

  • To display the menu, move the cursor on the icon and click Joxi the right mouse button


  • Toolbar

File and I do not want to solve

Joxi copes with the file transfer. Locate the file on your computer, click the right mouse button and select "Publish to". If a file or group of files you need to send in the archive, select "Compress and post Joxi" - Services will do everything himself.

  • File and I do not want to solve

A little tweak

If you want to make a screenshot copied to a folder on the disk, or have an idea how to make "hot" keys more convenient, be sure to check out the "Settings". Here a long time do not have to mess around - all options are necessary and useful settings around.

  • A little tweak

What's new in this version:

modern interface

built-in photo editor with a lot of useful tools(blur, brush, pencil, different arrows)

online screenshot service

1 GB cloud storage

lightweight and great functionality

  • 2.2.4


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