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Latest Version: 11.0 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP x64 / Vista x64 / Windows 7 x64 / Windows 8 x64 / Windows 10 x64
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Old Versions: 10.0

Online Explorer for Windows7 could be your Internet Browser out of Microsoft with enhanced functionality, faster page loading times, fresh standards support for nextgeneration websites, and completely revised f 12 programmer tools. It features new capacities to boost realworld Internet site performance, service for its welldefined and widely used features of their emerging ECMAScript 6 standard, service for WebGL, and also higher quality, power-efficient html 5 video without any plugins.
Online Explorer can be used with existing web sites, which only run faster and look better in IE. In IE11 we now also have included quite a few APIs make it possible for fresh adventures, and we’ve removed or changed APIs to make sure more internet sites work now and later on.
Web Explorer defeats Chrome as well as other important browsers at a Java Script performance evaluation. Brings the net alive with magnificent images, responsive gambling, and rich, app-like experiences.
Wherever you’re web browser will be the perfect means to play with games, catch up on your reading, see videos, and surf the internet, needless to say. Use fluid and fast Web Browser across all of your Windows apparatus –tabletcomputer, Windows Phone or even Television. Enjoy!

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What's new in this version:

- 30% faster for real world Web sites

- Leading JavaScript performance

- Fast, world-ready Web applications

- Faster development with 25 new and improved modern Web standards

Few examples of how the Web is better for developers:
- Debug faster with new F12 developer tools

- Hardware-accelerated 3D Web graphics

- The existing Web continues to work – even better

- Enable professional-quality video experiences on the Web

  • 10.0

    Fast: Internet Explorer 10 harnesses the untapped power of your PC, delivering pages full of vivid graphics, smoother video, and interactive content. - Easy: Experience the web the way you want to with pinned sites, built-in Spellcheck, and seamless integration with your PC running Windows 7. - Safer: Improved features like SmartScreen Filter and Tracking Protection let you be more aware of threats to your PC and your privacy.


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