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Latest Version: 3 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Old Versions: 2.0.5 Beta

The app is noteworthy for fast scan an individual’s computer to produce the most frequent locations of malwarerather than counting upon a database of spyware. HijackThis can be employed chiefly for identification of malware, perhaps not to get rid of or find spy ware –because uninformed usage of its removal centers might cause substantial applications damage to your pc. Browser hijacking may lead to malware to be installed onto a laptop or computer.

HijackThis may bring in a plain text log file detailing all of entrances it finds, and also a few entrances can be repaired by HijackThis. In experienced users are advised to exercise care or search assistance if utilizing the latter choice. With the exception of some tiny whitelist of known safe entrances, HijackThis doesn’t discriminate between valid and unwelcome products. HijackThis tries to produce copies of those files and registry entries it fixes, which is employed to reestablish the machine in case of a blunder.

A frequent usage is to place the log file to some forum where more experienced users may help decode which entrances will need to be eliminated. Automated programs also exist which analyze stored logs and make an effort to provide tips on an individual, or even to completely clean entrances mechanically. Utilization of such tools, however, is usually discouraged by people that concentrate on by hand coping with HijackThis logs: they believe the various tools dangerous to inexperienced users, and yet neither true nor reliable enough to substitute for consulting with a tuned individual analyst.

Later variants of HijackThis comprise such additional applications being a project supervisor , also a hosts-file editor, along with also an alternate-data-stream scanner.

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What's new in this version:

- Lists non-default settings in the registry, hard drive and memory related to autostart

- Generates organized, easily readable reports

- Does not use a database of specific malware, adware, etc

- Detects potential methods used by hijackers

- Can be configured to automatically scan at system boot up

- Detects several new hijacking methods

- Fully supports new Windows versions

- New and updated supplementary tools

- Improved interface, security and backups

HiJackThis also comes with several useful tools for manually removing malware from a computer:
- StartupList 2 (*new*)

- Process Manager

- Uninstall manager

- Hosts file manager

- Alternative Data Spy

- Delete file / service staff

- Digital Signature Checker (*new*)

- Registry key unlocker (*new*)

- Check Browsers' LNK & ClearLNK (as downloadable component) (*new*)

  • 2.0.5 Beta


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