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GOM Cam 64-bit has become easily the absolute most complete recording app for PC potential to edit video in the same time! Screen recording, game listing can be found at any moment! You can now edit your audio and utilize all of it at one time. Adding a lot more potent image capture, search engines and sound extraction and much more!
GOM Cam saves time and effort by assisting you to receive directly to record videos that are wonderful. Record everything you see in your own personal computer screen just as it looks. GOM Cam 64 bit additionally records all sound drives in the PC, enabling one to produce more lively videos. Record your personal computer screen, webcam games or video, and talk to the others on YouTube, Google-Drive or face book. You might even catch pictures and then customize your catch by drawing the screen whilst recording. Additionally, more vibrant videos might be manufactured with a mic and webcam. Videos have been listed with webcams on the PC. Simultaneous recording of over 1 webcam displays or leading in several video fashions employing the chromakey function is additionally encouraged. Record continuing games in highdefinition with Immediate X/Open GL. Functions in earning school or internet class materials are given in onestep. Select as many segments as you would like and decide on a desktop to create your video into the subsequent level. Testing attributes for listed clips confirmed only by GOM Cam 64-bit ! GOM Cam saves time and effort by assisting you to receive directly to recording videos that are wonderful. You could even upload your own videos into Google-Drive or join your files to mails and documents. Select as many segments as you would like and decide on a desktop to create your video into the subsequent level.

Establish & hunt tags
it’s possible to set tags (key words ) for stored files onto the document list. Search files readily with the group tags.

Whole life permit
GOM Cam can be actually a week-long product once you obtain a permit, and minor upgrades to your purchased version are available at no cost.

Constant capture
Constant capture is encouraged for the collection period and desirable quantity.

GIF Cartoon
Create humorous animated GIFs with Just a Couple of clicks.

Zoom in/Zoom outside
Expand the recording screen upto 4x for videos that were clear and Quicker details.

Scheduled recordings
Establish a program for the records in order that they begins automatically, even though you’re far from the PC.

Effects settings
Insert various webcam photos, pictures, and texts into your own videos when you’re recording. Create more specific videos with the ramifications preferences in GOM Cam.

Extract sound
Extract sound from listed clips and store it like a document. That is of use once you would like to pay attention to desktop just, or study languages.

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What's new in this version:

Addition of new features
- Support Chapter Marker

- Add click function in subtitles area

Improvement of function
- Add an option which forces to change text encoding of subtitle contents

- Improve handling Japanese subtitles

- Improve handling some audio noise

- Improve an error that screen appears broken during some video navigation

- Improve handling RTL subtitles

Reflecting customer reviews and Correcting errors
- Correct an error that Animation GIF cannot be played with speed adjustment

- Correct an error that Some SWF are ended when they are played

- Correct an error that rt subtitle text encoding is not applied

- Correct an error that some subtitle font style is not applied


    [Improvement of function] - Supports 3D subtitle mode for the second subtitle. - Select to add DXVA when hardware acceleration HEVC is played. - Added 3 formats for saving subtitles. (MPL / PowerDivix / MicroDVD) - Improved Ruby Tag support. - Extended a range of moving down the subtitles < alt + down arrow > - Fixed an error of behavior that SMI subtitles
    is not recognized [Customer feedback and correction of errors] - Corrected an error that subtitles were not shown when playing audio. - Corrected an error that PNG album art was not exposed. - Corrected an error that some skin names were marked as blank. - Set album art background color to black. - Corrected an error that broken images at the bottom of Full HD video are occurred when using Intel HW acceleration. - Corrected an error of Nvidia graphic card recognition which can decode HEVC. - Fixed an issue that voice correction setting was not maintained during double speed playback. - Corrected an error that no Bengali (Bangladesh) font appeared in animation subtitles. - Fixed an error that the skin which does not have an image area (such as Music Skin) does not work - Fixed an error of Multi-Monitor recognition


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