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Latest Version: 11.1 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP x64 / Vista x64 / Windows 7 x64 / Windows 8 x64 / Windows 10 x64
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FreeNAS is one of the most well known operating systems that is distributed to users free of charge and is mainly designed to work with networked storage. We should notice that FReeBSD is the main core, which was invested by developers in the creation of FreeNAS. This operating system fully supports the PHP and SAMBA languages. In this case, this OS interacts with such protocols as: 1) SSH; 2) FTP; 3) CIFS; 4) NFS; 5) ISCSI; 6) AFP. From the name of the distribution – FreeNAS – it implies that it makes sense to use primarily for the organization of a universal file storage. FreeNAS is distributed as a 64-bit iso-file.
The developers took care of this system for requiring relatively low requirements for the technical characteristics of the hardware. It is also important that it is fully scalable and could be launched from portable media, including from a CD. Another worth noting is the interesting authentication system, which is produced using a local user database. In recent versions of FreeNAS, there is also the possibility of authentication through an external LDAP directory. The only important drawback of this operating system is, perhaps, the lack of the ability to provide access to files and folders on behalf of Microsoft AD accounts.
This software can easily run from mobile media, for example, you can use a USB flash drive with a minimum of 8 GB. According to many users, FreeNAS has only one drawback – the lack of a mode for granting access to the file system on behalf of Microsoft AD accounts. Authentication is based on a local user database
One of the interesting and useful features of this software is interaction with the Rsync protocol. In this case, the operating system can work as a server or a client.
The interface in FreeNAS is quite simple and convenient, and also translated into English. All tabs of the menu contain standard names (“System”, “Network”, “Storage”, “Sharing” and others) and drawn icons, with which the process of working with this OS runs quickly and easily. For those users who have questions about incomprehensible moments while working with the operating system, there is a special department in the -Help menu.
FreeNAS is supported by Linux, Windows and MAC OS, as well as numerous virtual systems, such as VMware and XenServer, using protocols such as CIFS (Samba), FTP, NFS, Rsync and others.

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What's new in this version:

- Free operating system; - Allows you to create a network storage, both at home and in the office; - Supports all popular protocols, including FTP; - Proper configuration allows you to install an excellent repository, from which all connected users can take necessary files;  In general, FreeNAS is a ready-made solution for users who often deal with networked storage.

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