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Latest Version: 0.17 Build 13528 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP x64 / Vista x64 / Windows 7 x64 / Windows 8 x64 / Windows 10 x64
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Old Versions: 0.17 Build 13522

If you do not have powerful hardware, money for licensed software, if you need a great analogue to powerful tools for creating 3D models, then the FreeCAD application just for you! The work of a modern engineer or architect can not be imagined without using a specialized program for drawing on a computer. Similar applications are also used by students of the Faculty of Architecture. Execution of the drawing in the oriented products allows to speed up its creation, as well as quickly correct possible errors. The program – this is one of the best solutions for that purposes.
The Free CAD user interface is designed in the style of many workstations – profiles. At the first start the program is loaded in full-function mode – all tools are rendered on the panel. Further, the user can create profiles on his own, leaving tools on the toolbar only for drawing, modeling, editing, viewing, etc. The developers added several frequently used workstations with ready-made tools.

What is the FreeCAD program capable of?
And it really can do a lot. Not only is the software distributed completely free, since it has a huge functionality. First, you can expand this editor with a number of modules. Secondly, there is integration in the programming environment, for example, in the Python language. Third, unlike modern, powerful utilities, FreeCAD can run on the x32-version of the OS.

The key points include a number of positive aspects:
– parametric system that allows you to work with object parameters, do rollbacks, change properties, and so on;
– the ability to add objects through the same Python;
– full work with any type of geometric objects, since there is an OpenCasCade package;
– built-in module for robotics;
– converting and converting the finished 3D model into a drawing document;
– a lot of tools for in-depth testing.
It is worth noting that in FreeCAD there is a system of so-called workbenches – i.e. you can simply load additional tools into the program. For example, you need to convert a bitmap image into a working format – we can use the Image module. Or, for example, you work in the sphere of shipbuilding – we open the workbench Ship. Such packages are constantly replenished, as there are a lot of fans for this program.
FreeCAD is a powerful software, but it does not require huge computing power, it’s a free license, but it has a huge multitasking and functionality, as in commercial versions. In addition, a lot of lessons have been created for this project, there are entire communities, and most importantly – this editor is used by many enterprises, so that, having mastered it, you can become a sought-after specialist.
You can download FreeCAD free of charge from the link below. You will receive the current official version of the program.

Download FreeCAD for Windows


What's new in this version:

- Yorik van Havre wrote "The FreeCAD Manual" as an introductory book on how to use FreeCAD. Document recomputes can now be disabled/enabled via the context menu. There's a new Revit navigation style. A new Navigation Indicator at the bottom right of the FreeCAD window allows quick access to the navigation styles.

  • 0.17 Build 13522

    - This release of FreeCAD is dedicated to our friend Roland Frank who left us in 2017. He was an active and well-appreciated member of the FreeCAD forum, and his video tutorials on the Learn FreeCAD and BPLFRE Youtube channels helped many people get started with FreeCAD - A word of caution to users of v0.16: there has been tremendous changes to the PartDesign workbench, with the introduction of the Part and Body containers. A Body is now mandatory to create PartDesign features. When trying to edit a document made in v0.16, you will be prompted to migrate it automatically. If your model was done with a mix of PartDesign features and Part objects, the migration process will most certainly leave your model in a broken state! So if you are not willing to migrate it manually (expect having to delete some stuff and recreate it), it would be best to keep a working version of v0.16 on the side to edit your old documents


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