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Latest Version: 1.0 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Old Versions: 1.0

Free WiFi Detector is a universal scanner for Wi-Fi networks. This utility can be used to diagnose Wi-Fi networks and to determine the load of the channel within the range of the wireless adapter or access point. With this data, you can easily solve the problem of wireless Internet connection within the range of Wi-Fi. Due to this application, it’s possible not only to find free Wi-Fi, but also, to calculate the exact place with the most classy signal. The program is able to work in a light background when the phone is locked, if you have free Wi-Fi, you will hear the sound of the detector, whose frequency will directly increase with the quality of the signal itself.
The utility interface is divided into 2 parts. At the top is a list of all Wi-Fi adapters that are on the user’s computer. Opposite the list you can see the button “Rescan”. Scanning Wi-Fi networks occurs in automatic mode every second. But if for some reason you do not update the information on network activity, then you should use this button. The center table displays the main table with the received signal strength (RSSI) data, the authentication method, the connection, the type of encryption, the signal quality level, the BSS mode, and the MAC address. In the very first column of the table, on the left edge, the Wi-Fi network identifier (SSID) is displayed.
You do not need to install the program. It’s enough to download and run it on your computer. But it should be taken into account that if your system does not have a wireless adapter, then instead of data on the Wi-Fi network, you will see only an empty table.
The utility is fairly simple to use. After its launch, the user can immediately see all the information about the current state of his Wi-Fi network. Also, the program will help determine the model of your wireless adapter. If you do not need bulky solutions with built-in additional utilities (sniffers, network analysis software), then this application is a good choice as a high-speed and compact Wi-Fi scanner.

Special requirements:
– installed Microsoft Visual C ++ 2012 or higher.

The principle of operation is understandable, but let’s take a closer look at the functionality of the application:
– quick network search;
– views information about Wi-Fi networks, namely: data transfer rate (maximum and minimum), signal strength, encryption, channel usage, signal quality, network name, MAC address, etc .;
– filter list of detected networks;
– define of Wi-Fi Protected Access and Wired Equivalent Privacy standards in Wi-Fi networks.

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