Finder.Phone-SMS(GPS) Finder.Phone-SMS(GPS)

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Latest Version: October 3, 2018 LATEST
Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
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The content of the message could be shown in the program preferences.
When your lost telephone receives such a message, then it disturbs the Finder.Phone-SMS(GPS) program. The program will download place data and return it into a text message into the telephone which triggered it.
In case the FINDER.PHONE.SMS (GPS) program is installed on this particular phone, after receiving an answer message, then the map with the location of this telephone is going to be displayed automatically.
Additionally, in loud manner the program will turn on clocks that are muted, place them to maximum volume, then turn to the audio indicating and display the data panel.
The data panel is going to be displayed even over the monitor lock. On the other hand, the display lock functions all of the time, so the individual who finds the telephone won’t have the ability to use it normally.
The program also supplies the place of this phone in silent mode, without triggering loud audio indicating and without turning to the ringtones. This mode is recommended eg from the kid’s phone’s place.
The program doesn’t operate in the desktop and therefore doesn’t absorb the battery. It’s totally free and doesn’t charge any hidden or additional charges.

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