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Latest Version: 62.0.3202.94 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Old Versions: 60.0.3112.113

Epic can be really a solitude -centric web-browser . It was designed by Hidden re-flex (a computer software product company based on Alok Bhardwaj, situated in Washington DC and Bangalore, India) by Chromium origin code. Epic is in”browsing style”. Exiting the browser induces all of surfing data to be manually deleted. Even throughout surfing less than you possibly can is stored.
(The browser doesn’t have any relation to the Digital Privacy Information Center, a civil liberties group that is called EPIC.)
Epic’s default settings carries a proactive way to ensuring session data (for instance, biscuits , history, and also cache) are removed upon departure. The browser also contains a proxy service which may be allowed at the person’s discretion, which can be automatically enabled when employing a search-engine . Different features, like preferring SSLrelations and sending a Don’t Track header, farther progress solitude.
Supplementary services observed from the Chromium browser that ship data to outside servers, such as speech pub proposal and installment tracking, are removed from Epic to decrease the reach of prospective data leakage.

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What's new in this version:

Using Incognito Mode for Privacy? Browser addons? A VPN? You still need Epic.
- You're tracked by Google, by your ISP, your government and hundreds of data collectors while in incognito or other private browsing modes. Your browsing history is easily accessible (via your DNS cache) upon incognito window close. Behind a VPN, your real IP address can leak through certain types of WebRTC calls -- only Epic blocks them. Even if your IP address is hidden, tens of thousands of websites use fingerprinting techniques such as accessing image canvas data to track you. Epic blocks fingerprinting scripts and functions like image canvas data access to protect you which no browser extension can do. There is no combination of settings changes and browser addons which provides the same level of protection, let alone the ease and speed of use that Epic does. Unfortunately, any browser addon has access to your entire browsing and search history and while many may protect you from some trackers, they often collect and sell your data to others -- so browser addons may reduce your privacy and security rather than enhance it. Epic is a private browser that's fast, simple and actually works. When you're using Epic with our encrypted proxy on, your data is encrypted and hidden from the government, from your ISP, from Google, from your employer, and from hundreds of data collectors. On close of Epic, there's no easily accessible record of your browsing history left on your computer. We believe what you browse & search should always be private.

Visiting the top 50 websites will install over 3,000 tracking files on your computer. Your ISP can now save and sell your browsing history.
- Over 80% of websites use one or more tracking tools. We've found an average of six per website with that number rising to a dozen or more on larger websites. New FCC regulations allow ISPs such as Verizon, Comcast and all others to both save and sell your browsing history. In the $100+ billion dollar advertising industry, even a one percent additional yield means an extra billion dollars a year in revenues for advertisers hence the massive incentive to track you and show you more personal and creepy ads (unless you're using Epic). Spy on the spies in Epic. Epic shows you who's tracking you in your other browsers (most likely dozens of data collectors) as well as the trackers Epic blocks at each webpage you visit. Epic protects you from over one thousand tracking attempts in a typical browsing session. Over a year of browsing it works out to hundreds of thousands of bits of data about you that Epic protects.

Companies Track You via Several Methods.
- Cookies, Evercookies, IP address, Flash cookies, HTML 5 storage, Fingerprinting. Many techniques are used to track you when you're online. Epic blocks as many tracking methods as possible without "breaking the internet", and much of what Epic blocks speeds up your browsing experience.

  • 60.0.3112.113

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