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Latest Version: 9.6.5 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Old Versions: 9.6.5

Dvd Slideshow Gui is a full free application with a wide range of functions, which is designed for creating a slide show using photos and videos. Application is a multifunctional tool for creating animated slideshows from videos, presentations and photos. The program contains a built-in set of effects, a collection of transitions, has a function of superimposing the text in the form of subtitles, allows changing the video background, adjusting the parameters of fonts and individual images (increase, size, rotation). If you want, you can add an audio track, and change the display area of ​​the picture. The ability to manage tasks through hotkeys is supported. The finished project can be saved as a high-definition video file (Full HD), burned to disk or published on popular YouTube video sharing.
One of the main advantages of the utility is its complete free-of-charge. You can use all program options for an unlimited period. Most of these solutions like PromoShow or ProShow Producer have a paid license.

Working Principle of the app:
During the installation phase, the program offers to install a list of additional programs and codecs, without which the work will be impossible. In this case, you can choose Full Install to install all add-ons, or Compact Install to install the most important codecs.
How to use Dvd Slideshow Gui: the program window is divided into upper and lower parts. At the top of the program window are images and video files of the slide show. In the lower part are the audio files of the slide show. Adding images and video by pressing Ctrl + P, you can add music using Ctrl + M. You can export the finished slideshow in any convenient video format by pressing Ctrl + E.
In all cases, the Dvd Slideshow Gui instruction for creating a slideshow is in these three main hotkey combinations. The presence of the multiple language makes the work with the program more simple and understandable. If the menu is in English the first time you start the program, select the another language in the View – Language Setting menu. After that, you should restart the application for making changes.

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What's new in this version:

Main features of the program is that:
- The application is able to handle most of the video formats. In addition, in the arsenal of the application, there are many transitions between frames, it is possible to change the size of the picture. You can convert the result to different formats.

- It is also possible to customize the font and effects for subtitles. Furthermore, the application has an animated background function.

- Also the application allows you to write the result to disk. The program provides an opportunity to lay out a slide show on video hosting. It is possible to change the order of images and videos in a slide show and it is possible to use Microsoft Power Point presentations

  • 9.6.5


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