Doors and Rooms Doors and Rooms

 -  Freeware
Latest Version: 1.9.4 LATEST
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
User Rating:

Straightforward yet fatally addictive.
See through the tips and discover hints for your own escape!
Never-ending struggle of wits from the programmers.
Be careful, however: a single mistake could cost you everything.

– Different themed wallpapers
– Period expansion through continuous updates
– Superior picture quality never before observed from the Escape genre
– Free Game Coins are awarded away at particular intervals
– Intuitive UI and stock
– Absolutely free to playwith!
– Do not overlook even the slightest detail! A scrap of newspaper could be a sign.
– Obtained objects could be analyzed, dismantled, and compounded for new signs.
– At times, it pays to follow your gut instinct.
– Stay awake and listen. Occasionally, sounds might help you escape.

Download Doors and Rooms for Android

What's new in this version:

- We thank you all for supporting Doors & Rooms until the end of its journey.

- A new chapter and 3 new stages have been added.

- Chapter 7 is available to play only if you have completed all the basic stages (colored in white) of the earlier chapters.

- Complete all seven chapters to reveal the hidden truth.

- The brand new 3 stages are so difficult, they'll make all the earlier stages look like child's play.


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