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Latest Version: 5.11
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Old Versions: 5.10

Dev-C++ is a feature-rich IDE that is more than enough for basic programming tasks like writing, compiling, debugging and executing projects written in C/C++ language. Dev-C++ environment comes completely free for commercial (under the GNU GPL) and non-commercial use together with its further modification. As it is a lightweight, well-designed and quite flexible programming solution, it has found the recognition among numerous users worldwide.
Dev-C++, as many other IDEs, supplies the developer with a unified instrument to program a final executable product. Dev-C++ employs MinGW port of GNU Compiler Collection, however, the app can be utilized jointly with different GCC-based compilers.

Helpful and powerful solution
With Dev-C++ you can create various projects, beginning with console or GUI executables and ending with DLLs or static libraries. Once you’ve launched the program and started a new project, Dev-C++ asks you where it should store the files. It is a great feature for such software as in many cases the source code is usually named by default (in Dev-C++ it is main.c) so previous files can be just overwritten and lost. Another distinctive advantage, especially for beginners, is its ability to underline in red some parts of the code where the compilation error has occurred additionally delivering a detailed report on the error.

Unlimited playground for developers
In the Dev-C++ you have unlimited freedom as a programmer with additional DevPaks. DevPak is a bundled extension on the IDE that may contain extra libraries, useful templates and other handy utilities. A DevPack may also consist of, but not obligatory, common toolkits like FLTK, GTK+ or wxWidgets. Advanced users of Dev-C++ are able to download and integrate additional packages and libraries to improve the application’s functionality. The Dev-C++ website serves as the free host for users willing to create and share their own DevPacks.

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What's new in this version:

Changes - Version 5.11
- Fixed crash related to double clicking on a compiler error when a selection was made. Upgraded the default compiler to TDM-GCC 4.9.2. Improved startup speed. Fixed Abort Compilation button not working anymore. Fixed crash in TCppParser.CheckForTypedefStruct. Fixed crash in TCppParser.HandleEnum. Fixed some typos in the English translation (thanks to Hiro5). Updated the Catalan translation (thanks to Hiro5). Updated the Czech translation (thanks to tringi). Fixed some hiccups in the build process of Dev-C++ itself.

  • 5.10

    Improved startup speed. Removed splash window. Temporarily removed the web update window. Rewrote the LangCheck tool that can be used to validate translation files. Improved indent guides painting and positioning. Removed full screen information bar. Added GUI option for maximum line length option to AStyle > Formatter Options. Fixed parameter mismatch in Chinese translation. Fixed memory leak in Edit > Unindent. Improved behaviour of Edit > Toggle Comment. Improved opening speed of Tools > Compiler Options.


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