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 -  Freeware
Latest Version: 1.1.9 LATEST
Requirements: Android 5.1 and up
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Crypto Messenger is complete messaging program. It is part of my Cryptography program and it’s workings are clarify at my site. It is not meant to replace any larger messaging software. You will find link to instruction at program’s about dialogue.

New variant notes
30/9/2018 upgrade has breaking changes that affects the entire behaviour of the program.

Recognizing the larger picture
Do not use Crypto Messenger should you use it for ordinary chatting like instant messaging programs. Do not use this program if you need your conversation messages remains secure forever or long period throughout to upgrade stream. I can’t ensure that discussions remain busy , so have a backup path to present your receiver a new uid additional manner. Utilize Crypto Messenger if your condition is to send accurate end to end encrypted messages without any needing to actually save messages indefinitely. Believe Crypto Messenger for example messaging which”never happened”. Crypto Messenger is currently employed as a real working presentation for my Cryptography program.

Main Attributes:
• No any logins or some other user credentials required.
• RSA algorithm for measuring AES key.
• RSA keys are changeable by user.
• it is possible to select RSA key dimensions and view them as Base64.
• Minimal permissions required.
• Check for new receivers attribute.
• Insert receivers through QR codes.
• Kill button attribute to delete all of your documents at the same go.
• Click message to copy it into clipboard.
• Vibration as opinions. You may toggle off at preferences.
• Paste into account field quickly through right corner menu .

Download Crypto Messenger for Android

What's new in this version:


- Now you can see raft timestamp when your recipients have been active last time.

- Encryption notification on conversation view.

- Fixing ugly bug where old conversations did not load correctly.

- More settings.


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