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Latest Version: 67.0.3396.99 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Comodo Dragon is an innovative and prolific web browser that has acquired best from Chromium technology and top-of-the-line cybersecurity. Comodo Dragon is Developed by Comodo Group, whose main focus falls upon delivering first-rate trust assurance solutions together with powerful web security to the enterprises and users around the globe.

Greater security level
Lightweight yet robust Comodo browser offers all of Chrome’s advantages you are used to augmenting Comodo Dragon’s capacities with top security features.
Integrated privacy enhancements protect your web experience against sophisticated phishing agents and constantly evolving malware.
Unlike Google Chrome, Comodo dragon does not integrate features concerning user-tracking and privacy-compromising activities. Instead, it employs extra security measures like SSL Certificate Identification.

Web inspector and PrivDog extensions
Comodo Dragon web browser has a number of proprietary features that are automatically installed together with the program itself.
Web Inspector is an incredibly handy solution to improve your overall security. It performs an analysis of the current web page opened to diagnose it for potentially malicious activity. The inspector delivers a complete report on blacklist check, phishing agents, viruses and backdooring, e-commerce safety data, IP, domain name, etc.
PrivDog’s functionality resembles Web inspector, however, it has its own features to benefit from. Its focuses shift towards user’s confidentiality, protecting it against ad networking, tracking, third-party cookies and suspicious widgets.


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What's new in this version:

More features to secure your browsing
- You can configure Comodo Dragon to delete all privacy-related data at each exit. Comodo clearing procedure removes both browsing and download history, autofill forms, cached data, cookies and other information that can damage your privacy. Comodo Dragon can be launched from a completely protected virtual sandbox, isolating the browser from the system. This feature is available for users having free Comodo Internet Security installed, however, it is a small price for the opportunity to explore the darkest corners of the internet without the fear of malware infiltrations. Comodo Dragon provides the opportunity to use own Comodo DNS servers whether for the Dragon browser independently or for the entire PC. Comodo Dragon is very similar to the Google's Chrome as far as performance is concerned. However, Comodo’s extra security level can be a significant advantage over other browsers, especially for users looking for the app ensuring efficient privacy protection.


    Has privacy enhancements that surpass those in Chromium's technology Has Domain Validation technology that identifies and segregates superior SSL certificates from inferior ones Stops cookies and other Web spies Prevents all Browser download tracking to ensure your privacy


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