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Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Old Versions: 3.3.0 / Changes and fixes

Cloudevo is a programmed which lets you to save all the files in one big storage. No matter what provider is, you can use any storage with CloudEvo. After combining everything together, one big cloud is set to your device as a drive. All files are safely protected. Utility also contains functions such as data synchronization and administrating. You can access your cloud from anywhere.
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Security. With CloudEvo you don’t need to worry about stealing your data or losing it. It is protected with new modern AES-256 encryption. You are the only owner of your data key. Also, safety is provided by separating files into different cloud services.
Offline mode. Having no internet is not a problem anymore. You can use your files without it. Just work as usually. Create files or edit those you created in the past. Utility saves all the processes you did and synchronizes them when you get internet connection next time.
Comfortable search. Here you can work as you do with your common hard drive. That’s why you will understand everything with first look. Search is fast and quick.
Synchronization. All the data is synchronized on multiple devices. Utility does it automatically. Data is loaded to special services what gives you an opportunity to access with any device at any world place. All the files have special icons to show file synchronization status. Green, blue, yellow and gray. Green means file was synchronized, blue is for process in action, yellow is for files in queue and gray means that file was not synchronized.
CloudEvo supports such clouds as Dropbox, Google Drive,, and lots of other.
But CloudEvo can offer you much more. It has a vide list of advantages hard to count. For example, storage has a lot of memory for any reason you need. Distribute it, share with friends, add new files. Any sizes of files can be used. There is no limit for it. When cloud is almost full, it caches old files to free some gigabytes for new data. And also you can extend memory size by adding new cloud accounts.
Utility guarantees high performance speed. Software is connected directly to the cloud.
Programme available for Windows OC, Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS.

Download Cloudevo for Windows


Connect all your Cloud services together.

Safe through encryption. Fast through parallel processing.

  • Connect all your Cloud services together.

Simple administration

Manage all your cloud storage accounts through Cloudevo. See at a glance the occupancy for each cloud storage. When cloud storage runs low, simply add more cloud storage accounts at any time or expand storage space on existing accounts.

  • Simple administration

Extend your storage space with a Cloud Drive

Access your data in the Cloud, as if they were on a normal drive.

  • Extend your storage space with a  Cloud Drive

Network data transfer

Save time and money. Cloudevo connects to all devices in the local group, office, home or company network and exchanges files encrypted between the computers. Decentralization Through the decentralized system, you are independent of your own company server. File server integration If Cloudevo is installed on a local server, it will provide your files over an encrypted network.

  • Network data transfer

Supported cloud storage providers

  • Supported cloud storage providers

What's new in this version:

- Security

- Offline mode

- Comfortable search

- Synchronization

- Strato HiDrive In addition to the account identifier, the user name is now also displayed.

- Check at startup whether the Cloudevo disk driver is installed correctly.

- No need to restart after updates.

Changes and fixes
- Spontaneous crashes of the software when it starts up.

  • 3.3.0

    Strato HiDrive accounts are now accessed via the HiDrive REST API. This allows all HiDrive accounts to be connected to Cloudevo, even without the optional WebDAV protocol package.

  • Changes and fixes

    Directories that were moved into themselves were no longer displayed. Now an error is displayed when moving directories within themselves.


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