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Latest Version: 1.22.0 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP x64 / Vista x64 / Windows 7 x64 / Windows 8 x64 / Windows 10 x64
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Old Versions: 1.21.3 / Improvements: / / Fixes: /

Experience a new measurement of browsing using an Cliqz browser.
Quick and secure. That’s the way you would like to make use of the world wide web. We believe that you’re eligible for the. With this we’ve devised the Cliqz browser. Its integral search revolutionizes how that you hunt the world wide web in order to discover what it is you are searching for.
Quick and smart, comes withbuilt-in search.
Cliqz could be your browser which may perform precisely that.Just imagine. You seek out something as well as before you’ve completed scanning that really is exactly what happens: the browser finishes top relevant search engine results and internet site hints as when alone. Just 1 click and you might be where you would like to proceed. This seems somewhat like thought-reading. No additional browser could try this.
Private world means:Your pc is not yours.
We understand that too well: we all hunt for some thing and also at the next internet site we see we can be found services and products associated with our hunt. That is the tip of this iceberg. Our data functions as the cornerstone for a booming commerce. Out of easily obtainable data and a couple of big-data tips almost all about us could be discovered there. We do not find this fine. This is exactly the reason Cliqz will set a stop for the particular.
We all from Cliqz promise you more control on your own data. Which usually means you could assess what happens on your computer data.
Many businesses intentionally conceal and data they collect to what purpose. For a fantastic reason. In the event that you knew exactly what they understand concerning you personally, you’d certainly be shocked. By comparison we promise: Cliqz will not collect any data concerning you personally. Well, very well… you can now assert , you may say. Wholesome scepticism is fairly advisable on the net. For that reason everybody is able to assess the way we handle data.
The certificate company TÜV includes approved of our structure concerning data protection. And at the Cliqz browser to get desktops you will find a transparency cockpit at which it’s possible to observe in”realtime” what data your browser sends to people and also exactly what happens for these. The Cliqz browser and also most of incorporated Cliqz works are open-source , so that the application code can be found to everybody else. And if you have questions concerning data security our support-team will also have a sympathetic ear to you. More transparency isn’t possible.

Download CLIQZ for Windows


What's new in this version:

- Update to Firefox 62.0

- Cliqz Search can now be selected as an alternative search engine. This can be done from the Search menu of the Preferences or from the Search options in the Cliqz Control Center (Q icon next to the URL bar)

- To make sure you can easily set up your homepage and define the actions that happen after browser startup, we have introduced a few changes to the General menu of Preferences

New features:
- We have integrated the open source tool “re:consent” into the Cliqz Browser. It leads you directly to the often well-hidden or deliberately confusing or unnecessarily complex privacy settings (e.g. on Google or Facebook). This allows you to quickly and easily check and change your consent for data processing, e.g. location sharing, face recognition or cookie tracking

  • 1.21.3

  • Improvements:

    If you used the 32-bit version of Cliqz for Windows so far, we will automatically migrate your browser to the 64-bit version with the latest update. Check the benefits and prerequisites in our blog post

  • Update to LastPass version

  • Fixes:

    Some of the Cliqz users were not able to find the settings for the “Dark” theme in the Customize menu of the browser. This issue has been resolved; give dark theme a try

  • An issue with HTTPS Everywhere settings resetting after browser restart has been fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience


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