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Hello Gamers,
As you understand Chess is among the oldest strategy games in the entire world.
Chess is a great board logic game which develops such abilities as strategies, strategy, memory.
I attempted to make an application which permits a participant of any amount to enjoy the sport.

Chess pieces:
– The pawn moves to a single area forward or 2 areas in the very first move of the figure, defeats diagonally to a single area ahead.
– The queen moves to some space , horizontally or diagonally.
– The rook goes into some space horizontally or vertically.
– The knight goes to the area, which will be in two areas across both vertical and one or one area two and vertically horizontally.
– The bishop moves to some space .

The target of the game is to checkmate another king.
– Checkmate – the position in chess, once the player whose turn it is to move is in check and does not have any legal movement to escape test.

Two specific moves in Chess:
– Castling is dual movement, which can be performed from the king and the rook, that never proceeded.

– Sport Assistant (Helper)
– Undo-free celebrities for amounts
– Five Unique topics
– 2 board perspective
– Alternately mode
– 2 player mode
– Realistic images
– Save function
– Audio effects
– Small size

If you would like to play decent Chess, it is possible to help me make program better.
Please write your comments and suggestions , I’ll examine them and enhance the standard of the program!
Thank you.

Download Chess for Android

What's new in this version:

- added new level of difficulty

- updated chess figures

- enhanced performance


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