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 -  Freeware
Latest Version: 1.6.6 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Old Versions: 1.6.6

Download BriskBard to become shielded with the most recent security measures and revel in the huge collection of qualities which will help leverage your own productivity. Stay informed and have the most recent news from the internet feeds and email using an individual application.

The most recent security dangers affecting many Intel and AMD CPUs can’t be blown off. To help mitigate Spectre and also melt-down strikes BriskBard currently gets got the strict site isolation configuration option allowed by default for new installations.

This variant also introduces many improvements, rate improvements and bug fixes from the user interface. More than a few of them are going to make it easier to navigate during your own surfing history or even to immediately jump through the tabs with the mouse .

If you utilize the email client or your Usenet reader you may be delighted to know that the message editor and also the message viewer will be currently substantially faster.

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What's new in this version:

- The Blink rendering engine has been upgraded to 68.0.3440.84

- The strict site isolation option is now enabled by default in web browser tabs that use the Blink rendering engine.

- Now it's possible to select the tabs by moving the mouse wheel when the pointer is over the tabs.

- Added a configuration option to select the languages used by the spell checker in web browser tabs that use the Blink rendering engine.

- Removed the configuration option to use an online service for the spell checker.

- The Indy components have been updated to the latest version.

- Opening and editing emails and Usenet articles have been improved.

- Added a warning about large files when they are attached to emails or Usenet articles.

Bug fixes :
- The message to import web bookmarks is no longer shown multiple times.

- The mouse wheel can now be used to scroll bookmarks.

- Users in Windows 10 can now use the mouse wheel to scroll the web browsing history panel.

- Fixed the video playback flickering with the media player.

- Now the attached JPG images in emails or Usenet articles have no white dots.

- Fixed a rare bug in the application startup due to an incorrect CEF initialization.

- Fixed the bug where the message editor was shown when the user right-clicked over an email or Usenet article.

- Fixed a bug in the message editor that introduced line breaks incorrectly.

- The image or contact photo in the message editor has the right size at all times.

- The email editor now saves the destination address when you click on the save or send buttons while editing said address.

- The email and Usenet article editor have been modified to add soft line breaks automatically when you reach the editor border.

  • 1.6.6


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