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Latest Version: 0.24.0 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP x64 / Vista x64 / Windows 7 x64 / Windows 8 x64 / Windows 10 x64
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Old Versions: 0.23.207 / /

The brand new Brave browser 64 bit automatically blocks adverts and trackers, which makes it faster and simpler compared to your existing browser. It’s remarkable how fast a page loads whenever you strip off everything but the true content. In accordance with a whopping 60 percent of page loading period is brought on by the inherent advertising technology which heaps to various places whenever you hit on a page onto your own favourite news website. And 20 percent with the is spent on loading items which are attempting to find out more about you. Download Brave Browser 64 Bit off Line Installer Setup!
Brave, beneath the hood, has been really a Chromium-based web-browser this means its own performance and web compatibility is very like some other browsers dependent on Chromium.
Brave cubes trackers and intrusive advertisements that may slow down you to the net.
Brave 64 bit keeps you along with your information simpler, effortlessly protecting you in third party tracking and malvertisement.
Using Brave, you also can decide whether to observe adverts that honor your privacy or cover internet sites directly. In any event, you’ll truly feel good about helping finance content founders.

Brave blocks damaging advertisements
There exists a fresh advertising game in the city. It’s called “Malvertising”. The most recent display ad technology may install malware onto your own notebook without your knowing. However, perhaps not together with Brave watching your spine.

Brave Re-directs websites to HTTPS
“We have incorporated HTTPS every-where in to every Brave browser to be certain that you are always moving your pieces over the best possible pipe” Download Brave Browser 64 Bit off Line Installer Setup!

Brave cubes Tracking Pixels and Tracking Cookies
Would you get this feeling that somebody is watching you once you find an ad for something that you purchased a couple of days back? We be certain that you are not being tracked as you shop on line and navigate your favourite websites.

Download Brave Browser for Windows


What's new in this version:

Desktop Browser Speed Test
- Watch Brave in action, head-to-head-to-head against Chrome and Firefox. Brave loads pages twice as fast out of the box with nothing to install, learn or manage.

Mobile Browser Speed Charts
- Review the test results when we put Brave against Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS. Popular sites load up to 8 times faster on Brave!

- Disabled swipe navigation when content is horizontally scrollable

- Fixed notifications not being displayed on certain websites

- Fixed about:blank tabs being opened when Brave configured to start with home page address

- Fixed opening local files creates about:blank tabs

- Fixed opening local files via drag and drop creates about:blank tabs

- Upgraded to Tor 0.3.4 series

- Upgraded to muon 8.1.6

- Upgraded to Chromium 69.0.3497.100

  • 0.23.207

    Fixed Windows crash

  • Fixed issues with extensions (LastPass, Bitwarden, and DashLane)

  • Upgraded to muon 8.0.9


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