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Latest Version: 120.160420 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Old Versions: 120.160420

A great representative of antivirus disks for system recovery. Essentially this is a portable version of the AVG antivirus program on the Linux system. A version is available not only on CD, but also on USB. This portable version of the scanner together with automatic updates is an excellent solution for saving an infected or non-downloadable system, using the full power of AVG antivirus technologies. If there is no Internet connection, the anti-virus database can be updated with an update file.
AVG Rescue USB – AVG Technologies, the manufacturer of popular worldwide anti-virus solutions, has announced a free product called AVG Rescue USB. This Linux-based bootable media can be used to restore Windows systems that are unable to boot up on their own or have lost such ability as a result of infection by a virus or malware.
When the damaged target system is loaded from the AVG Rescue USB media, the proposed software automatically mounts all detected hard disks and scans them thoroughly in search of viruses and other dangerous applications. Application will also automatically restore a secure network connection.
If your computer or your friend’s computer is infected with a malicious program that managed to bypass the installed data protection software, the AVG Rescue USB toolkit will return the system to its working state. Those who deal with virus removal use this powerful set of tools to restore infected client systems. Application is a universal toolkit that allows you to fix system failures and return the system to the state of maximum performance by eliminating extensive virus infections and restoring file systems. Now it is available for you – absolutely free. Be prepared for the unexpected. The ability to download USB drive, lets you to be ready for the most unexpected situations.
A separate mention deserves an integrated administrative toolkit. IT professionals and experienced users will benefit from the included in the package Windows registry editor, TestDisk utility for recovering deleted files and damaged partitions, a functional file manager and Ping tool for basic network diagnostics.
Until recently, application was part of the line of AVG solutions for small businesses. Now anyone can evaluate the product’s capabilities. Customers can make bootable media on their own, just download a disk image from the manufacturer’s website and write it to a USB drive. As part of the Linux distribution used in the AVG Rescue USB, among other things, you can access the Midnight Commander file manager, the simple Windows registry editor Registry Editor, the vi console text editor, the OpenSSH SSH daemon, the NTFS toolset (ntfsprogs).

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