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Latest Version: 120.160420 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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AVG Company presented a free LiveCD-image, based on the Linux OS and designed to restore Windows computers.
The announced AVG Rescue CD is an image of a system that can be written to a CD or USB drive in order to boot from the media and repair a corrupted Windows installation (FAT and NTFS file systems are supported). According to AVG, the disk contains a set of tools that allows you to restore the system after the attacks of viruses, spyware and other problems that led to the inability to work in a Windows environment. In addition, such a boot disk can be useful for restoring Linux-systems, because it contains a number of console utilities.
The use of GNU / Linux to create similar recovery-disks, designed for Windows, can not be called a novelty. For example, a half years ago the domestic company Doctor Web released a similar solution, called Dr.Web LiveCD. In it, the Gentoo Linux distribution was used as the base system, and users were offered a console and graphical interface for running the anti-virus to restore the Windows system.
As part of the Linux distribution used in the application, among other things, you can access the Midnight Commander file manager, a simple Windows Registry Editor, a set of network utilities (eg ping), a vi text editor, an OpenSSH SSH daemon, for working with NTFS (ntfsprogs).
The Scan option is the launch of the antivirus itself. Before scanning, a window with scanning options will appear, where you need to select a drive or folder to scan for viruses. The check lasts a long time. The section with installed XP and office programs was checked about half an hour.

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What's new in this version:

- New antivirus scanner

- Ability to apply online fixes from AVG

- Text user interface for scanning / updating

- Multiple recovery from Virus Quarantine Virus Quarantine

- Filtering files in Virus Vault

- Faster start of scanning

- Improved detection of network connections

- Advanced search for local virus databases

Application is quite simple and fully functional. Simply put, this is a fairly good thing, like everything related to Linux. System Rescue CD is quite versatile, and in some cases it can also be used for Windows systems. However, for this OS there are specialized rescue drives. They usually contain, in the first place, various antiviruses, since viruses are a major threat to Windows users. The disk has a small size of 70 MB, which makes it in many critical cases a quick rescue. But still additional utilities TestDisk, the registry editor is still hardcore programs and designed for advanced users.

  • 120.160420


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