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Latest Version: 2.45 LATEST
Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up
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Atomas is a fun incremental puzzle game, which you may learn in moments but can entertain you . The ideal match for your spare time!
Your small universe begins with hydrogen atoms just but with the assistance of the energy abundant and atoms you’re in a position to combine two hydrogen atoms into one helium atom, two helium atoms into a single ion atom and so forth. Your main purpose is to make the precious components like Gold, Silver and Platinum.
But see, if your world is overfilled with into many atoms it will lead to a large crunch and the match is finished.
1 method to stop this is to build long symmetries on your atoms and begin big chain responses.
From time to time minus atoms seem, use them for consuming and substituting atoms inside your own universe or give them to get a plus atom.
You see Atomas isn’t difficult to playwith, but if you’d like to reach the top you are going to require a fantastic strategy, which retains your atoms arranged.
By producing new elements like aluminum or oxygen you unlock lucky charms, which influence the game in a variety of methods and adapt it to your own strategy.

– 4 distinct game modes
– 124 Distinct atoms to make
– 12 distinct lucky charms
– Google play matches leaderboards & accomplishments
– discuss your score on Twitter and Facebook
– fast tutorial

The programmers high score is 66 543. Would you do better?

Download Atomas for Android

What's new in this version:

- You can now share your high score & high score image in many different ways

- Bug fixes


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