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Designed for AMD products, AMD OverDrive is a powerful all-in-one utility for hardware overclocking, testing or monitoring. Optimal adjustment can be obtained through the wide array of clock and voltage settings. Modify memory, PCIe, processor and Northbridge settings manually or enable the utility to do it automatically. Once modifications are made, you can perform the stability test to stress one or all available CPU cores in order to evaluate possible impacts.
With AMD OverDrive you don’t need to open several applications, each one for tuning the performance, another one for measuring the system stability and one more to verify the overall system performance. AMD Overdrive has combined all these features in one comprehensive utility.

Simple yet supreme
The initial page can give you a quick idea of your system and memory details. the next tab allows you to monitor each CPU core individually tracking its usage, temperature and frequency.
The program can be extremely handy for non-technical users as it helps to adjust the performance level with a simple slider moving from ‘’default” to “high performance” options.
Auto-clock is additional automatic clock tuning service where AMD OverDrive defines the highest stable performance settings for each system.

Stability tester
It is a versatile option which stresses the system to the limits. Here you can adjust the number of CPU cores being stressed and the time it will be stressed (from 1 minute to one week). Several tabs are responsible for system testing: Real-time system adjustment tab provides a number of crucial settings to be changed and tested while monitoring tab gives you the understanding of possible worst-case scenarios.

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Custom performance for novices and enthusiasts

Novice users can easily select a pre-tuned memory profile to achieve optimum high-speed DDR performance. Enthusiast users can manually monitor performance settings from the BIOS to push it to the limit. Users can even create customized profiles for specific applications.

  • Custom performance for novices and enthusiasts

Automatic overclocking

Through automatic tuning of your system’s frequencies and clocks based on your system’s capabilities, AMD OverDrive™ technology makes overclocking even faster and easier.

  • Automatic overclocking

Fan control

AMD OverDrive™ technology gives you control over how fast your fans spin for enhanced performance.

  • Fan control

What's new in this version:

Additional Key features of AMD OverDrive:
- It is absolutely free-to-use. It has Fan control allowing you to tune fans manually or automatically. You can save your settings to load them whenever you need to. AMD OverDrive can also automatically load a profile when the system boots up. Overclocking with AMD OverDrive is safer as it provides the opportunity to run the stability test to evaluate certain setting adjustment. You can adjust your system performance from the desktop instead of tuning it from the BIOS.



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